Processing RSS

from> The goal of this article is to demonstrate the use of XQuery to accomplish a routine, yet interesting task; in particular, to render an HTML page that merges RSS news feeds from two different weblogs. RSS has earned its popularity by allowing people to easily share news among and between web sites. And for almost any programming language used on the Web, there is a good selection of libraries for consuming RSS.
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Future: Is there life after the browser?

from CNet Have you hugged your Web browser today?

Probably not. It’s been years since the browser was new and exciting for the average Web surfer. Browsers have become a bland commodity, dominated by Microsoft’s sturdy but stodgy Internet Explorer. Internet innovation, meanwhile, is increasingly shoved off to specialized, new applications such as instant messaging clients, media players and Weblog viewers.
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New feature: Mail-From-Aggregator.

from> New feature: Mail-From-Aggregator. Some people like to read the news that the aggregator gathers in email. This can be useful if you travel a lot, or want to share news with a group of people who may not use Radio.

Author calls for writers’ blogs

from CNet news> San Jose Mercury News columnist Dan Gillmor is writing a new book about journalism, with a little help from his readers.
Gillmor, who writes a column and posts commentary online for the Silicon Valley newspaper, will focus on how technology, including the Weblog phenomenon, has affected journalism.
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