Billed as a “multiple-editor weblog broken up into three major political affiliations” Watchblog attempts to go were no blog has gone before, covering 3 streams of US politics in the one blog. Whilst being representative of the new wave of power blogs, those which seek to capture the imagination of the viewer and shape current events, the blog seeks to provide too much to too many.
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The Good, The Bad, and the Blogly

The following article appeared at Tech Central Station today and is a worthy read, if only for the controversy in will probably create in the Blogosphere on the issues of what makes a good blog, at best a subjective topic worthing of many a good blog posting and for the blogs Glenn Harlan Reynolds did not consider worthy;

By Glenn Harlan Reynolds
Well, after that opening pun I suppose there’s nowhere to go but up. . . . Anyway, the editors at TCS thought it might be a good idea if I wrote a bit on the difference between good weblogs and bad ones. Given the sniping inspired by Dave Winer’s Harvard essay on what makes a weblog, I should probably be afraid to raise this topic, but bloggers rush in where angels fear to tread.
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Microsoft Blog Policy Coming Down the Pike?

So far, corporate has yet to weigh in on its growing cadre of bloggers. But that may be about to change. Despite the fact that more and more Microsoft employees have jumped on the blogging bandwagon, Microsoft has not announced any kind of corporate blogging policy…at least so far.
But it seems as if Microsoft corporate is beginning to take more of an active interest in how its employees are expressing their opinions in their Web logs.
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Blog Herald attacks France again!

Having lost my great-grandfather on the Western Front in 1917, for the rather strange notion of liberating France from modern day bed-fellow Germany, I have often wondered why the blood of soo many Australians, Commenwealth and American troops were spilt over 2 world wars, when all the gratitude we received was increased French arrogance, a refusal to fight the good fight (they were probably afraid of losing to Iraq, rightly so since they havent won a battle since Napoleon crossed Europe to oddly enough be defeated like every Frenchman since) and the odd nuclear test in the Pacific. There is however two blogging stories to this article, one involves arrogance, and so does the other :-)
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Local Blogs Gawk, Stalk But Balk at Minting $$> There was a time in the not-so-distant past when CitySearch and Microsoft’s Sidewalk were going to take urban areas by storm, offering guides to nightlife and tourists spots and crushing online newspapers right where they lived. Nice try. Instead, they’ve morphed into city listings, no more than glorified Yellow Pages with bare-bones staff.
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