Too much blogging news is never enough

There has been much ado on the net in the last 24 hours on blogging and rather than pick out the best of the best The Blog Herald introduces its first News Wrap: when too much blogging news is never enough.
The Gotham Gazette on NY Bloggers
PCPro UK interviews Tim O’Reilly
MSNBC talks about AOL9 and Blogging, abeit a little late, as does MSN Money, Business Week, CNet News& ZDNet
The Singapore Straits Times reports on a new Singapore Moblogging service
Internet Magazine and the BBC look at different sides of UK politics and Blogging. looks at Blogs as a work tool

AOL and Blogging

The much talked about news of AOL going into Blogging is good news in spreading the blogosphere gospel and in providing competition to blogging giant Google. The Blog Herald wishes AOL all the best but hopes it doesn’t follow its success in managing Netscape. Many will argue that Netscape was a dead duck before AOL became involved, however AOL’s track record in new areas, in particular outside the United States (the Australian ISP market and the AOL7 alliance comes to mind) does not bide well for its new blogging project.

Blogs in your neighbourhood

The following story could be a warm, gentle work of American English fiction. Cliches a plenty, and colourful characters, I see pulizter prize: however this is all true: a lesson in free speech in the blogosphere:

There’s a warm, gentle breeze blowing up Franklin Street, rustling the trees, random leaves, and the ringlets in Erin Carter’s hair.
Sitting cross-legged on a wooden bench, twisting a lock of that cinnamon-brown hair around her finger, the 17-year-old Chapel Hill High School student reminisces about the day she found herself in the middle of a weird convergence of coincidence and circumstance that morphed into controversy.
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Outsider Blogs Paint Bosnian Life> After a full day of weaving carpets, a group of Bosnian women gather for a coffee break. They crowd around a table — sometimes crying, sometimes giggling like young girls — and read each other’s fortunes in the patterns of dregs in their cups.
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Bloggers not protected against libel in US

The Online Journalism Review has posted an article arguing against the wide spread interpretation of a recent US judicial finding that was reported in the Blogosphere (including The Blog Herald) as providing libel protection for Bloggers. The article is a must read for bloggers commenting on public figures or engaging in potentially libellous comment as it concludes that the finding only protects third party content repeated on a blog or other online forum.