Blogs moving Clinton

hillary.jpgFreereupblic via Blogolution via the Wall Street Journals Opinion Journal have managed to have a photo withdrawn from the website of would-be 2008 US Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton which shows Hillary standing in front of a sign saying “Religion is Immoral” as featured to the left, demonstrating once again the growing influence of the Blogosphere to shape politics and politicians.

Blogging causing social problems amongst teens

Yahoo! News new news search supported by moreover has bought up an interesting finding this morning (+8 GMT) after typing in Blogs: the famous Dear Abby is now providing advice to teen bloggers on how saying nasty things about their friends on their blogs for the whole world to see can cause them to loose their friends. This classic peice of advice is reprinted here at The Blog Herald for immediate reader attention.
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Blogs in the Workplace> For Nicholas Tang, the deluge of work-related e-mail messages became overwhelming. “It got to the point where I was getting hundreds of e-mails a day, sometimes more than a thousand,” said Mr. Tang, director of operations at Community Connect, a company in New York that operates and other online communities with an ethnic focus.
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Blog Herald joins call for Google toolbar hack

Google is the talk of the blogosphere. Owner of blogger, and a new toolbar that allows direct posting to blogger, Google is acting more and more like a Microsoft of the internet age in its attempts to control our browsing, searching and blogging choices. Voidstar has recently called on a hack for the Google toolbar so that it can support alternative blogging sites and tools. The Blog Herald not only supports this push, but calls on Google to provide such support in future versions of the toolbar so that it can truly be lauded as a great internet company and not the blogging monopolist it appears to be turning into; the irony here being in that participating in the Blog Standards Echo project, it is starting to have about as much credibility as Microsoft on Java; get inside then seek and destroy. It is not too late to repent Google…