Blackout Blogs emerge from the dark

Continuing the trend of frontline reporting from the citizenry of the Blogosphere, blackout blogs have begun to emerge from the darkness of the North American Eastern seaboard. The Blackout Moblog gives the event in pictures, some of which are startling and paint an amazing picture of the chaos from a non-news network perspective. Ka-blog gives a personal perspective, life gives an opinion. There are plenty of Blogs around with other comments and perspectives: visit Technoratis links to the CNN story for breaking links, and the Blog Herald will update this site as the day progresses as more first hand accounts come to hand in the Blogosphere.

Power outage disrupts Blog traffic

The power blackout on the North Eastern seaboard of the US and Canada has caused major disruption to Blogging and blog viewing traffic this morning (W. Aust Time). Major delays in access the Internet in general were coupled with a number of major blogging sites disappearing for several hours as hosting providers struggled with little used backup power supplies.
For online news of the blackout CNN, Foxnews and the Sydney Morning Herald

Putting the Con into Bloggercon

The Register

All hell broke lose, and the blog-vendor lobby who patronise the people who in their terms, “provide the content” for their “blogosphere” (on which they are now claiming mining rights), got a real sharp repost. One minute these tools guys extol the grassroots as their validation for being important, and the next minute, they see them as a worm farm, to be harvested at leisure. Needless to say, bloggers weren’t buying into this power relationship:

Blog Herald Challenge won by Pete Hopkins

Having considered reader comments, and listened carefully to our 2 entries, Pete Hopkins from This Pirate Kills Fascists wins the $20 USD for the first reasonably sung version of Blogging Pie. Congrats to Pete! Now Pete, please put your email address on your site so we can send you money. Stay tuned for a new Challenge shortly.

Zapatec’s Bloki sends startup down new path

TriValley Herald>”As Frank saw it, the startup faces two challenges: dealing with incumbents who do collaboration and document and calendar-sharing including OpenText and eRoom on the one hand, and those that already have a history selling Web log tools such as Traction on the other. “

Jonathon Delacour on Blog Ethics

Jonathon Delacour writes on Blog Ethics and his personal experiences at being at the end of a negative Blog posting. A must read for those interested in the ongoing debate on Blog Ethics.
“I still have strong reservations about removing entries but I’ve changed my mind about pretty much everything else. And while I can understand the impulse to encourage “accountability”, I find I’ve crossed over to Dave Winer’s side of the fence as regards “substantially editing (although not removing) content after having posted it to the web.”