Forbes critiques Sports Blogs

In what is becoming a more regular, and welcomed feature at Davide Dukcevich has critiqued a number of sports blogs, an often over looked sector of the blogosphere, and an interesting diversion from a regular dose of business, politics and current affairs.
Best Sports Blogs |
“The best sports blogs are those that traffic in polemics. This may be because legitimate news sites aren’t allowed to tally the number of athletes caught with marijuana or the incidents of violence by sports parents., our favorite sports blog site, fills that void. F&@* offers more of sports stars behaving badly. Look for these muckrakers to flower as the football season, the World Series and the Kobe Bryant case swing into full gear.”

Why blogs could be bad for business

Why blogs could be bad for business | Guardian Unlimited

“Being able to publish words, pictures and – ultimately – multimedia to the web without specialised geek skills will remain a important advance, and have a broad impact on the nature of online media.

But the nature of how a business communicates – both internally and to the outside world – has never been as hindered by such technical considerations. There are broader concerns that suggest business weblogging will not be adopted in the way being touted today.”

Google back flips on Adsense

The Blog Herald has received an email from Google Adsense today advising that they have revisited our application to join and we are now accepted, in an apparent back flip from our earlier rejection. Whether this is a one-off, or other blogs will now be included by Google is yet to be seen, however their move is welcome following their somewhat ad-hoc (and perhaps discriminatory) approval policy of the past. The question of whether we commit to Google after having had some success with Marketbanker, is another matter to be considered.

Have you been reviewed by Google? Let us know! The email follows:
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Microsoft to get into Blogging?

Scott Watermasysk On .NET reports that Microsoft may be considering going into blogging through either MSN or Sharepoint, with this quote for the forthcoming Microsoft PDC conference from Robert McLaws
“By now, you’re probably familiar with weblogging to some extent. What you may not have known is the extent that blogging is used inside Microsoft. In this BOF session, the heavyweights of the blogosphere will chair a discussion on where blogging is at and where it’s headed. Where does .NET fit into all this? Can we expect any blogging services from MSN? What about bloging with the newest version of Sharepoint?”

Defending Always On and Corporate blogging

An interesting article appeared on the Always On Network (AO) today from site founder Tony Perkins on his first 8 months of running the Always On blog and some of the criticism he has received along the way.

There are a number of issues raised in the article which a worthy of mention:
1. When is a blog not a blog?
Tony Perkins writes that AO is not a blog in the pure sense based solely on a definition of blogging provided by Dave Winer that a blog consists of an amateur author who posts a regular diary on his own site that is unedited, spontaneous, and generally comments on and links to other blog sites. We take this definition to task. Firstly, Dave Winer does not define what blogs are, and there are many competing views on what a weblog/ blog are, one that the Blog Herald believes is closer to the truth in that by “A frequent, chronological publication of personal thoughts and Web links.”
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Toward a Weblogging Empire

An interesting concept in the future development of blogging:
Toward a Weblogging Empire | Wired.comJason Calacanis is back.

The former editor of the Silicon Alley Reporter, the once high-flying chronicle of Manhattan’s high-tech mania, plans this week to launch a new venture, Weblogsinc, that intends to make a go of publishing business-to-business blogs.

Essentially, Calacanis’ goal is to turn Weblogsinc into an umbrella for blogs, a for-profit center that dishes daily on as many as 300 topics and scores revenue from sources like advertising, events and classified listings. He expects the topics to fall under four main categories: media, finance, technology and life sciences.

Weblogs Are Pushing the Newsroom Envelope on Writers’ Spontaneity

OJR continues to hit the mark on important ethical issues in the blogosphere
Weblogs Are Pushing the Newsroom Envelope on Writers’ Spontaneity |

The blogosphere gets fired up when Daniel Weintraub’s California Insider gets pre-edited after a controversial posting. Should news sites edit their blogs? Here are tips for determining the best practices for online newspaper blogs.

BloggerCon prep gets serious: will Dave Winer go nude?

Wendy Koslow’s posting on the dress code for the forthcoming BloggerCon has included comments from Dave Winer that nudity is acceptable for attendees at BloggerCon.

It has been reported that US blog groupies now have a competition running for the first person to snap Dave Winer nude at the conference and other reports say that Andrew Sullivan is now be attending to check out the action. More reports soon to follow.

The power of few

A good guide at getting your blog exposed on an A list blog.
Wizbangblog | How To Get An Instalanche
“Many have pondered how one receives the blogging equivalent of “manna from heaven”; the Instalanche. For the most part the answers are available to you just need to know where to look and the right questions to ask. I’ve attempted to gather the collective wisdom of those who track the mystical inner workings of InstaPundit. Use this knowledge wisely and for the good of humanity and may you one day know the glory of the Instalanche.”