When Hosts bite: The Blog Herald returns after forced break

Having had our host change all our server settings around making Movable Type about as useful as a car without fuel, The Blog Herald has returned with a tale of woe: Yes it can happen to you, and choose your web hosts wisely.

There are a couple of changes to the site, some direct story links into the new site will not work once the domain is pointing at the new host due to the MT import function re-doing archives based on the Blog Herald only and not the other blogs I run (MT allocates individual archive files if you have multiple blogs from the one install of MT). We apologise for this inconvenience. Also the RSS feeds will not be updating until the name server change has finished.

For the record we have signed up with Cyberwurx on the nice things TBlack from things that make you go mmm have said about them, and naturally the price was right and there is unlimited domain hosting.

more blog news more often, more often now we are back up and running

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