Salam Pax speaks

The Baghdad blogger speaks to the Guardian in a facinating article: | New media | Salam Pax: How I became the Baghdad Blogger

My name is Salam Pax and I am addicted to blogs. Some people watch daytime soaps, I follow blogs. I follow the hyperlinks on the blogs I read. I travel through the web guided by bloggers. I get wrapped up in the plots narrated by them. I was reading so many blogs I had to assign weekdays for each bunch, plus the ones I was reading daily. It is slightly voyeuristic, especially those really personal blogs: day-to-day, mundane stuff which is actually fascinating; glimpses of lives so different, and so much amazing writing. No politics, just people’s lives. How they deal with pain or grief, how they share their happy moments with anybody who cares to read.

PR people v Blogs

Techdirt:Sneaky PR People Discover Blogs (via radiofreeblogistan)

“I’ve noticed a disturbing trend in the past year or so with PR people discovering – but not quite understanding – blogs. Some have a handle on it, but others miss the mark by quite a wide margin. This all became very clear last month when a PR person tried to convince me to write a story about a company he worked for – without identifying the simple (and important) fact that he worked for them. I’ve written up a longer article about this experience and discussed the growing fascination PR people have with blogs – and how both bloggers and PR people should respond.”

Review: The Dissident Frogman

Warning: Surrender Blog! or that would be our usual response to stumbling accross a blog from a citizen of France, but then we met the bilingual Dissident Frogman and starting thinking that maybe the blood of the thousands of Australians, English and Americans who died on the Western Front did result in a positive outcome in some parts of France.
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Sparkpod takes on the big guns

In the hotly contested blogging market, it is always refreshing to see a new competitor on the market. Sparkpod recently completed development of and launched its new blog system and has been getting very favourable reviews, according to company spokesman Scott (no last name) who contacted the Blog Herald asking for promotion for the service.

The site, based on Apple’s WebObjects Application Server allows users to write entries within the pages itself and includes archiving, links, picture posting, comments, RSS feeds. The service has a 60 day free trial, then charges $24.99 USD for the year.

Having reviewed the service and read other blog reviews in regards to the service, we can say that the service has received positive commentary, however it is concerning that there is no information on the site as to who is running the service. The Blog Heralds investigation into the domain name showed that there was no name on the whois record either, itself arguably a breach of domain registration guidelines. There are just a few too many questions left unanswered with this service, and whilst wishing Sparkpod well we suggest to the people behind the service to let us know more about them, because bloggers deserve to know who they are dealing with before handing over their money.

News Wrap 6 September 2003

In many ways the last week has been quiet on quality stories on Blogging, at the same time the general interest stories continue to flow around the world. Hence The Blog Heralds third News Wrap, looking at a variety of Blog related stories for the week that was:
Alphabet Soup: Getting ‘blogged’ for food lovers at the Naples news looks at food blogs
Blogs Starting To Make Their Mark in the Workplace at the E-Commerce Times looks at the advantages and risks of blogging in the workplace
BBC News gives international exposure to Georgy Russel, candidate for Governor of California and blogger
Inside baseball: the RSS backlash considers Jimmy Gutermans comments at Business 2.0 and his attacks on uber bloggers such as Dave Winer and Dan Gillmor
Web Crossing 5.0 adds Blog support via plugin looks exactly at what the title says
The Economist on Weblogs at Alway on considers the commercialisation of blogging
and Blog Watch at World on the Web has a general run down on various blogs

Blog Spammer Exposed

Blog Spam is currently climbing up the charts on the main blogging indexes with hitting No.11 at Blogdex today, all achieved through the process of spamming comments sections of blogs worldwide, including on numerous occasions, the Blog Herald. Victim sites include Scriptygoddess, Bigpinkcookie and many others currently listed on the reference page at Blogdex for the site.

But just who is the blogospheres fastest growing spammer, where is he hosted and how can you contact him. Perhaps you might want to give him a few words of wisdom as to what you think of his activities.

There is also a way to slow him down!
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Web Event: Trotts to speak on CNN

Six Apart founders Ben and Mena Trott will be discussing TypePad on CNN Headline News on Wednesday, September 3. We do not know the time yet, or whether this will be on CNN International, what we can say is the interview will definately mark a coming of age for Six Apart and the Trotts into the mainstream international media.

Dietblogs make headlines losing weight

I think its time I lose a few kilos, now if I could only translate pounds into kilograms I could work out some of this story, an interesting utilisation on blogging and peer support even if I dont understand any of the measurements.
Rocky Mountain News: Technology

“From her starting weight of 182 pounds, Jennifer Hardesty, 5 feet 2, faithfully recorded her daily weight- loss battles down to 140 in an online diary that attracted an audience of hundreds of strangers a day.”