Will Jay Allen be blogger of the year: MT-blacklist set to be released

Blogspam (or comment spam) has become the nightmare of many blogs, including The Blog Herald, with spammers increasingly utilising blogs to increase traffic to their sites in a way that threatens the very nature of the blogosphere: the ability to contribute comments to blogs. Whilst we have previously exposed here one such spammer, the daily blogspam load has increased exponentially since, with no possible way of combating this nuisance: until now, and hopefully, once it is released, with much gratitude to Jay Allen.

Allen’s MT-Blacklist promises to be the plug-in of the year for MT users, with its ability to blacklist blog spammers utilising a central black list. If it works, Jay Allen would surely be up for nomination for the blogger of the year, well at least by The Blog Herald, for the sole basis of the amount of time we will save in not having to delete the spam from our comments. We look forward to installing it and reviewing the results here later in the week.

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