Making sense of Google “Florida” changes

Although mainly affecting non-blogs more than blogs, the recent major changes to the way Google does search, dubbed “Florida” is causing a large stir. Search giant Google servers over 60% of all searches on the net every day, and has been favourable to blogs in the past, providing traffic to many in the blogosphere including The Blog Herald, with over 2000 visits per month. Any changes to Google do affect us all, and are worthy of observing. If Florida has affected any readers please comment here and let us know so we can make more sense of any effect the changes will make to the positioning of Blogs on Google. Barry Lloyd of Search Engine Guide has tried to make sense of the changes, a worthy read if you are interested in visitors and where they come from an all-internet perspective.

MovableType security hole exploited by spammers

Zopenewbies reports that spammers have discovered a hole in MT which they have used on MT weblogs to send chunks of spam to AOL over the last few weeks. The hole relates to mt-send-entry.cgi, and they recommend disabling it or running one of the patches listed on the site.
UPDATE SixApart has responded by releasing a new version of 2.6.4 available here, and also has provided information on how to deal with the problem

You could be next: legal action extends to Blog Comments

A disturbing report from Tech Central Station that discusses libel and blogs, with the news that Justene Adamec has been threatened with legal action over comments made by third parties on his blog. A must read article for anybody blogging on corporate or personal issues.
The Next Litigation Battleground | Tech Central Station
“discourse in the Blogosphere has been largely civil, sometimes incivility spills out and makes itself manifest. And now, the sometimes rough discourse has the potential to become the next hotbed of litigation”

An Invitation to contribute and a thanks to Star

Some 213 posts ago (at entry 19) The Blog Herald made its first appeal for contributors. Back then, a long long time ago (well April) we were a little known Blog lost in a sea of other blogs. Not suprisingly, no one came forward. Move forward to November and we receive multiple unsolicited media releases for Blogging firms, and numerous requests to review. Some we do, some we don’t, but what we want is some meat. So if you want some more exposure for your online efforts and the title of contributor to the blog with more blog news more often, email us with your contribution. It should be original, or commenting on other content., and related in some fashion to the blogosphere.
Our special thanks to Star C Foster for contributing back in October, 5000 spam emails later we finally published her contribution. Help us support Star by driving her hit counter through the roof:, and hopefully well see her here again at the Blog Herald in the future.

Top 10 Dangers of Living in the Blog Space

Star C. Foster
1. You think everyone cares about your opinions: They don’t. They care about mine.

2. You stop having normal experiences: Every event you participate following your initial blog post will be constantly interrupted as you simultaneously live the adventure and write the corresponding blog post in your head.
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Moblogging your christmas wishlist

Out shopping and see something you’d like for Christmas but the credit card is maxed? TextAmerica, the ever innovative moblogging site has launched a new service for moblogging Christmas wishlists: point your phone at your dream presents, TextAmerica lists it, and then all your friends can go out and purchase the goodies for you!
Well maybe, but kudos to TextAmerica for another innovative service.

Google Is Out To Get Dave Winer

Andrew Bayer, one of Xians new contributors over at Radio Free Blogistan has written an interesting piece on Dave Winer vs Google, with the following memorable quote:
“Now, I do seem to have a tendency to pick on Dave, but let’s be honest here – he generally deserves it. He’s got a raging persecution complex combined with a spot of megalomania that makes the blogging community as a whole look pretty bad.”
Google Is Out To Get Dave Winer | Radio Free Blogistan

Blog Spam war gets nasty

The Register reports live fire in the Blog Spam war with Dutch blogs, and getting under attack after they declared war on US spam firm, following an attempt by the sites to push Customerblast off the web with a sustained distributed denial of service attack. On Friday, all three weblogs were inundated with mail bombs, floods and DDOS attacks, forcing them to go offline temporarily. Late Friday afternoon, the weblogs began a counter attack, spreading the message ‘Don’t mess with the Dutch’. As of Monday, November 24, the spammer had still not recuperated from the attacks. This major escalation of hostilities between blogs and spammers will be the first of many more to come as the Blogosphere stands firm against the barrage of unsolicited comments it is currently receiving

The Victorian Internet

B3TA has put it readers to the challenge of demonstrating what the Internet would be like had the wacky people of the Victorian era created it, great stuff in a collaborative effort, although we havent seen any Victorian versions of blogging yet.