The Anti-Blog Spam Posse

A movement has been born, and bloggers world wide are uniting under the banner of the Kalsey Consulting Group Blog to tackle head on the evil that is Blog spammers and their insidious spam. Or so the story should go!. Adam Kalsey has written a Blog Spam manifesto as a call to arms for bloggers to take on this daily menace. There are also full instructions on how to fight back against blog spammers by hitting them where it hurts, in their wallets by having the hosting and other accounts cancelled.

Adam is asking Bloggers to sign the manifesto by linking to it, leaving a comment or sending a TrackBack ping to get the word out and let blog spammers know that their days are numbered. The Blog Herald fully supports his initiative and calls on all readers to show your support.

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  1. Comment spam writings and beatings.
    Beating: Joseph Duemer billed his comment spammer. Well done! :D Writings: Adam Kalsey has written a brief comment spam manifesto. I agree 100%! Just because anyone can fill in a form on a site and get their views out into he open with mine does not g…