Gillmor Takes On Dvorak’s Anti-Blog Stance

Steve Gillmor has deconstructed the anti-blogging stance of John C. Dvorak in a great article at eweek.
Gillmor Takes On Dvorak’s Anti-Blog Stance |
“Last in, first out. My second favorite line: where he criticizes these faux blogs “spewing the same measured news and opinions we’ve always had.” I’m not sure who John is referring to when he bemoans “the emergence of the professional blogger working for large media conglomerates,” but I’ll list a few of the original blog voices who I’ve grown addicted to over the last few years.
Doc Searls, Ray Ozzie, Dan Bricklin, Dave Winer, Dare Obasanjo, Jon Udell, Mitch Kapor, Adam Bosworth, Tim Bray—I’ll stop before I forget too many superb minds who’ve created unique voices that add immeasurably to conversation of this emerging Net-based platform. “

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