An Invitation to contribute and a thanks to Star

Some 213 posts ago (at entry 19) The Blog Herald made its first appeal for contributors. Back then, a long long time ago (well April) we were a little known Blog lost in a sea of other blogs. Not suprisingly, no one came forward. Move forward to November and we receive multiple unsolicited media releases for Blogging firms, and numerous requests to review. Some we do, some we don’t, but what we want is some meat. So if you want some more exposure for your online efforts and the title of contributor to the blog with more blog news more often, email us with your contribution. It should be original, or commenting on other content., and related in some fashion to the blogosphere.
Our special thanks to Star C Foster for contributing back in October, 5000 spam emails later we finally published her contribution. Help us support Star by driving her hit counter through the roof:, and hopefully well see her here again at the Blog Herald in the future.

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