Microsoft comments on Wallop

Microsoft has been interviewed by Wired on Wallop with the revelation that it is a cross between blogging and social-networking (ala Friendster) and will utilise Instant Messenger for posting pictures and articles. No screen shots yet but we are still backing the 2nd Qtr 2004.
Will Microsoft Wallop Friendster? |
“In fact, Wallop is Microsoft’s venture into the red-hot social-networking arena, using the common Microsoft tack of piecing together existing technologies and packaging them for the novice user. Those technologies include Friendster-style social-networking capabilities, super-simplistic blogging tools, moblogging, wikis and RSS feeds, all based on Microsoft’s Instant Messenger functionality.”

Google snubs Blogger with deskbar release

In a major snub to the Blogger team, Google has released its latest in wizbang tools, the Google Deskbar, without any links or built in blogging features. Despite early expectations that Google would improve the Blogger experience, recently Blogger has come under heavy criticism in the blogosphere for its unreliable hosting and faulting coding. Googles backing away from committing to the product by not including it in the Deskbar does not sit well for the position Google sees Blogger playing in the companies longer term future.

Wired goes a blogging

Wired have launched their first in house blog with Bruce Sterling writing Beyond the Beyond. Not surprisingly they are using the Tripod Blog builder, from parent company Terra Lycos. Rather disappointingly Bruce has gone for a no comment model with this post “Note that there is NO COMMENTARY ALLOWED in my pristine, high-toned blog here. Why? Because you might be a spammer”. We think most would agree that the ability to comment is of fundamental importance to most bloggers and blog groupies, and the closed model adopted by Wired for their fist blog does not bide well for their future success in the medium.

Blogs used in attack on FDA: political statement or worse?

A new form on Blog spammer has emerged in the blogosphere over the last 24 to 48 hours. He goes by the name of Peter and he has a mission: bring down the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) web site. Blog Terrorist or Blog Activist? Only time will tell. Peter is driving extra traffic to the FDA website through Blog or Comment Spam on various blogs. Hailing from IP address, the Blog Herald has traced Peter to a host in Spain by the name of Global Internet Comunications S.L. of Av. Coast i Llobera 3-1º
07570 Artà I. Balears (Spain). Peter is running a bot through his host provider to generate the blog spam. We can only hope that Spain, being a friendly nation, will take action to prevent Peter from further abuse.
And a note to users of MT Blacklist: add to your ban list before you are targeted.

Speeding Up Movable Type

(via RadioFreeBlogistan)Scot Hacker reports some scaling problems with Movable Type. He’s noticed that his server is taking longer and longer to rebuild after each new post or comment. The comment problem leads to people double- or triple-posting in frustration.

Thus far he’s found an unorthodox solution, but he’s mainly hoping that the speed/efficiency problems are solved in the long-anticipated release of MT Pro.

Wallop being beta tested: Microsoft looking at 2nd Qtr 2004 release

wallop.jpg Despite our recent speculation that Microsoft had missed the boat on blogging, we have been amazed to learn following our article yesterday that Wallop, the Microsoft Blogging tool, is already in beta testing from the site and is slated for release 2nd Qtr 2004 as a stand alone tool, and not part of the next version of Windows as previously believed. In immenent arrival of Microsoft onto the blogging scene is bound to see a battle in the blog marketplace as growth rates slow from their current ultra high levels, although for the short term, these rates will continue to sustain a diverse market.

MSBlog 06? Microsoft has missed the boat on blogging

E-week reports that Lili Chang from Microsoft demonstrated during the week a research project called Wallop that includes Web logging capabilities, document and image sharing, and other interactive features. Whilst it is predictable that Microsoft will eventually get into blogging (they get into everything after all), the project is part of the Longhorn development project for the next generation of Microsoft OS due for launch in 2006. The snails pace of development on the OS, whilst hailed by many as an improvement for Microsoft, long renowned for rushing faulty software to market, will see Microsoft missing the blogging boat by years and year. However the news serves as a warning to blog hosts and tool makers alike, you have under three years to prepare for the Microsoft onslaught.