The Left is turning on Google

Alex Singleton
The Left does not seem to like companies that succeed in the marketplace. One such business is Google. It entered the market late, but quickly became the top search engine simply by being being better than its competitors. However, since Google announced its plans to float, the company has been under fire.
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BBC show names 2003 the “Year of the Blogs”

real.jpgFor something outside the normal for the Blog Herald we picked up this story on ABC Newsradio (think Australia’s version of NPR crossed with CNN) this afternoon on replay from the BBC World Service. Bill Thompson of a program named Go Digital, which bills itself as the weekly BBC World Service programme that looks at how technology is changing our lives, names 2003 as the “Year of the Blogs”. However their site is lacking a transcript, so for the Blog Heralds first audio link playable from 14k on real audio, just click on the icon.

USA Today says bloggers are rewriting rules of journalism

Kathy Kiely at USA Today has written one of the better articles on the subject of political blogging, with so many good quotes we cant list them here. Remarkably a few facts we were unaware of were mentioned: Andrew Sullivan raised $100,000 USD last year from his blog, Joshua Micah Marshall of Talking Points memo raised $4,000 USD, as did Markos Moulitsas Zuniga of Markos was also invited to travel with Howard Dean. Also another interesting quote for our growing list of blogging definitions: “A blog is a cross between an online diary and a cybermagazine, aggressively updated to draw readers back”
For anybody interested in the growing power of political blogging (and does not believe this is merely hype) check the article out.
Freewheeling ‘bloggers’ are rewriting rules of journalism | USA Today
“There are liberals, conservatives, libertarians and near-anarchists. The one thing they all agree on: blogging. Bloggers discuss the new medium with proselytizing fervour. They know each other’s Web handles (AngryLiberal, Atrios, Instapundit). They use links, which enable Internet users to jump from one Web page to another, to publicise each other’s work. Bloggers feel so strongly about blogging, they even promote bloggers they don’t agree with.” names Blogs No.2 in top 10 words of 2003 has released its Top 10 Words of 2003, featuring words that have made the news this year, with Blog coming in at No. 2 on the list, with a hint of cynicism with this comment “Web logs have come of age and, regrettably, this lexical mutation with them.” The question arises: is this a fair comment? Web log or Blog? Tell us what you think!
Top Ten Word Lists of 2003 Announced |

MIT on Blog Spam

Simson Garfinkel at the MIT’s Technology Review has written a nice posting on Blog Spam, which lists the Blog Herald as a blog in need of a new copy of MT Blacklist, which is exactly what weve done today!
Blog Spam | Techology Review
“The blog spam started about two months ago. People comment on a blog entry with a mindless comment, like “I’ve been saying that for years — well, for weeks, but it seems like years,“ and then have a link to a website that is selling phentermine or viagra or porn or low-cost DSL lines or cell phones in Europe…”

Is attacking good bloggers good for business?

Duncan Riley
I stumbled across a relatively new blog today, and although I should know better, some of the commentary really, really annoyed me…because quiet frankly this blogger, who does not even have the courage to name themselves on the blog, in attempted self promotion has attacked me and a number of other hard working blogfiends who blog on the subject of blogging. Now I write this not because I am afraid of competition, in deed we need more people providing commentary and coverage of the blogosphere, because at the end of the day something so large cannot be covered by a mere few.
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Wired on search results and Blogs

Joanna Glasner at Wired has added further text to the chorus of complaint that the success of the blogosphere is clogging the search results of major search engines, however unlike some more recent critics, she actually attempts to explain why
Search Results Clogged by Blogs | Wired
“Bloggers attribute prominent placement to the frequency with which they publish new material and the fact that other sites often link to their blogs. These are two factors most search engines take into account when determining rankings. “

Christmas Blog Awards 2003 winners

Well its late Christmas eve, and having survived the last minute shopping frenzy its time to pick some winners for the Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards. Whilst trying to avoid the term first annual, perhaps the term last annual may be more appropriate, for the lack of interest in Christmas in the blogosphere has truly disappointed us. Visit nearly all of the top 100 blogs, or even top 1000, and you will see little interest in the spirit of Christmas. Is Christmas dead in the Blogosphere? We hope not!. But enough negative, because the few entries we received are worthy of praise. For the award Best Christmas Decoration of a Blog, AT the HEART of IT wins for its traditional spread with Off on a Tangent receiving an honourable mention for cutest Christmas decoration.
Scorpio Girl wins best Christmas posting, not only because she was the only entry but because her post highlights some of the differences experienced throughout the world on Christmas Day.
I think next year we might look for some sponsorship and incentivise the whole thing: Christmas is a special time of year, whether you are religious or not, and it is disappointing that many do not embrace it.
Our thanks and congratulations to the winners, may all your christmas wishes come true.