Ben Trott forced to defend Mena over MT misrepresentation

Ben Trott has defend his wife and partner Mena Trott today in a post at the Six Log blog following a misrepresentation of Mena’s role in the development of MT in an article published at Baseline magazine. The article suggests that Ben developed MT for Mena, with these lines “Mena couldn’t find any software she liked to use for her online journal. She complained to her husband, Ben, that the available tools didn’t offer enough control over comments or archiving, for instance. So Ben, a software developer, built a program that gave Mena everything she was looking for. The result is now one of the most popular Weblogging tools around.”. Ben argues that MT was a joint effort that would not have succeeded had Mena not been involved in a joint development effort. Some online pundits, such as John K Davis are suggesting that this is an example of women being marginalised in society, whilst Anil Dash sees the posting as an example of “Ben kissing up to the boss”, however any way you look at it, the Trotts, together and as one, have gone on to greater success, and Baseline deserves a good kicking.

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