A Boy or a Girl Blog?

The Book Blog is offering a new tool to predict the gender of an author. Cut and paste the content of a blog entry into the tool and fire away! you may even be a gender bender!

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  1. says

    Our Finite Existence is only a test, given by God Almighty, to see whether we receive an A, B, C, D or F at the Last Judgment: Gotta be pretty bad-news to get an F, dude; Gotta go somewhere at your demise, too. Anywhere else besides UP is digging your own grave. Think I’m DISSIN’? Think you’re MISSIN’ (the point).


  1. Now, this is interesting…..
    One of the latest entries on the Blog Herald is a link to a Gender Genie give it a blog psot or a excerpt fo text and it will try to guess what the gender of the author is…..


    Note: It turns out I’m a real boy! ;)