The Guardian goes blogging mad

Filed as News on December 20, 2003 12:23 pm

by Duncan

The quality British paper The Guardian has gone blogging mad in the lead up to Christmas with a number of quality articles and pieces on blogging and a full Special Report page dedicated to the subject.. Featured once again this year is the British blog awards 2003, with the Guardian Team featuring some excellent examples of Blighty blogging such as Call Centre Confidential: the tales of a Team Leader in a Call Centre which we can definitely relate to, which reads in a similar fashion to the excellent British comedy “The Office”. The Guardian also features new blog related articles from Rebecca Blood: The revolution should not be eulogised and Jane Perrone: Weblog heaven, along with reviews, views and new beginners guides for blogging wannabes. The Guardian continues to lead the way amongst the traditional English press in covering blogging, and its content and context should be used as an example to other outlets of the potential of the blogging revolution.

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