A member of Brooklyn’s finest face the chop over blog

NY Newsday is reporting the story of a blogger who goes by the name of Brooklynbacon who is being investigated by internal affairs following a number of interesting posts to his site. Unfortunately the contents of the site had disappeared when we went to visit, however at the time of writing the Google Cache had come to the rescue with an archived record of the site.
Blog Describes A Rogue Cop | NY News Day
“Alongside pictures of motorcycle trick riders, naked women, photographs with comical captions and pictures of human oddities, Brooklynbacon posts messages supposedly about his job and, in some instances, his own misconduct. Any one of the offenses he describes could cost an officer his job”

Weblogs change face of ‘public journalism’

Leonard Witt at the Atlanta Journal Constitution looks at Blogs as journalism in an article reflective of others on the theme: perhaps 2004 will herald the dawn of blogs as a more serious source of news as opposed to the often held belief of “personal journals”.
Weblogs change face of ‘public journalism’ | Atlanta Journal Constitution
“Now thanks to Weblogs, the people have a revolutionary publishing tool at their fingertips that is forcing journalists to pay attention. Intermediaries are no longer needed as public journalism morphs into the public’s journalism”

MT 2.6.5 released, 3.0 in development

Six Apart has released a new update for the MT 2.6 series today with new security patches and support for Atom syndication, but more importantly Ben Trott has announced at the Six Log that there will be a new version of MT launch in the first quarter of 2004, which will include Comment registration, Increased Atom support, improved Trackback management, New API hooks for plugin developers, the User interface rebuilt using CSS, and even hints of moblogging support and more. The move does come as a surprise as many though that TypePad would see the eventual demise of MT development, but the Trotts have surprised the blogosphere again with this great new announcement.

News Wrap 23 December 2004

Our first News Wrap since September comes after a recent upsurge in blog related stories and possibly the fact that we are all too busy enjoying Christmas activities!.
The Democrats presidential wannabes get a good run as usual with Commom Dreams looking at the influence of blogs in the Clark and Dean campaigns, along with the Contra Costa Times (Dean), and the NY Times, who compares Dean to Napster.
Dave Sifry of Technorati gets a good run from Dan Gillmour at Silliconvalley.com, and even a better peice at the Mercury News
Anick Jesdanun complains of information overload at Daily Herald.com, in a article not directly related to blogging, but in which he describes bloggers as “web journalists”
Slashdot gets a run at LinuxWorld, although the Linux server was down when we went to read the article
and last but not least a Santa Blog gets a plug at the Deseret News.

The Guardian goes blogging mad

The quality British paper The Guardian has gone blogging mad in the lead up to Christmas with a number of quality articles and pieces on blogging and a full Special Report page dedicated to the subject.. Featured once again this year is the British blog awards 2003, with the Guardian Team featuring some excellent examples of Blighty blogging such as Call Centre Confidential: the tales of a Team Leader in a Call Centre which we can definitely relate to, which reads in a similar fashion to the excellent British comedy “The Office”. The Guardian also features new blog related articles from Rebecca Blood: The revolution should not be eulogised and Jane Perrone: Weblog heaven, along with reviews, views and new beginners guides for blogging wannabes. The Guardian continues to lead the way amongst the traditional English press in covering blogging, and its content and context should be used as an example to other outlets of the potential of the blogging revolution.

A Boy or a Girl Blog?

The Book Blog is offering a new tool to predict the gender of an author. Cut and paste the content of a blog entry into the tool and fire away! you may even be a gender bender!

OJR: the Horizon for 2004

Mark Glaser at OJR has capped off a fine year of writing with a look back at 2003 and what’s on the horizon for 2004.
A Look Back at 2003, and What’s on the Horizon for the Online News Universe

Q: What do you think will be the most important developments in online journalism in the coming year?
A: continued explosion in blogging:
“Some mainstream news organization will likely find a way to bring a ‘rock star’ blogger into the organization or somehow find a way to embrace the most powerful of the new journalistic voices emerging on the Web. This will be part of a longstanding pattern, where news organizations bring the best of the Web into their operations.”

Euro RSCG names Blogging in top ten trends for 2004

Marketing communications agency Euro RSCG Worldwide today released forecasts for the coming year, which included blogging in its top ten trends for 2004. They state “Blogging: 2003 was the year in which weblogging — a.k.a. blogging — really took hold, with an estimated 3 million sites worldwide. In 2004, we’ll see more buzz marketing via blogs, as marketers figure out ways to use this new medium for their own means. “. Whilst we hope that the scepticism in relation to the marketing is unfounded, their prediction flies in the face of other predictions for the new year that blogs will explode under the weight of sheer numbers. For Google and political blogging fans, they also predict that Google Bombing and Further Politicization of the Internet will also be in the top 10 trends for 2004.
For the full media release: Trend Forecast: 2004 | PR Newswire

EXCLUSIVE: Saddams last blog entry prior to capture

Saddamblog 8pm: modest hiding chamber, outside Tikrit
Dear true believers
This may be my last post to the Saddamblog. The infidels are at the gate, I can smell their bacon and ham products coming nearer. An American is yelling in the distance “2 all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese…”. Praise be to Allah. The punishment of those who wage war against Allah and me, and strive with might and main for mischief through chanting fast food slogans is: execution, or crucifixion, or the cutting off of hands and feet from opposite sides, says the Quran 5:33.
Praise be to Allah.
They are moving closer now, what should I do Allah? The French have promised me asylum, but I do not like them, for it is only a matter of time until the US Infidels invade them. I have been offered asylum in Vermont and a Presidential Pardon from Howard Dean, but Im not so sure…
Praise be to Allah.
Perhaps if I can escape I may disguise myself as the Western evil one Santa Claus? I could give small western infidels poison for Christmas, and some WMD’s down the chimney.
Praise be to Allah.
I hear them above me now, and I here somebody chanting the Quran 2:143 “We have made you a just nation, so that you may testify against mankind and that your own Apostle may testify against you.” The end is nigh
AAAAAHHHH! They have thrown Bacon down the entrance to my modest hiding chamber! I am doomed, it has landed on my armoury and I must not go near it. More music now “I’m a Yankee doodle dandy” Allah they are playing Danny Kaye music, help me Allah, I have become a character in a Tom Clancy novel!
Praise be to Allah.