Blogosphere leads the way on Saddam news

The Blogosphere is leading the way on another major news story, the capture of the butcher of Iraq Saddam Hussein, with some great composite and original coverage:
Command Post Iraq: great composite coverage and occasional commentary
The Truth Laid Bear – Saddam captured alive weblog reactions: more famed for his ecosystem than current affairs, NZ Bear dips his paw in the Iraqi sesspool with some great blogwide coverage
Buzz Machine is looking at some of the blogospheres reaction
Winds of Change is running regular updates on the story
Blogs for Bush is providing a similar run down to NZ Bear
Glenn Reynolds at Instapundit is naturally giving his 2 bobs worth.
Baghdaddy provides feedback from the front line, as does Boots on the Ground, The Mudville Gazette and Chief Wiggles
Outside the Beltway also covers the reaction of the blogosphere

From Blogs to Augmented Social Networks

(via Roland Tango’s blog) The Ferryman looks at a presentation from Stuart Henshall that pursued the theme that community development of blogging could follow the theme of “Jazz in the Blogosphere”.
Blogging, wikis, jazz communities and Industry too | The Ferryman
“Blogs to augmented social software is best thought about by combining two metaphors. Jazz and the jukebox….combine a weblog and RSS feeds and you get more than just the capability to publish frequent updates to a website and similarly aggregate information from other sites. While building context over time you instantly become part of a web of data exchange, one connecting many people who are cross-linking and sharing information. …It’s also important to recognize that a good jazz community isn’t only comprised of musicians.”

Ben Trott forced to defend Mena over MT misrepresentation

Ben Trott has defend his wife and partner Mena Trott today in a post at the Six Log blog following a misrepresentation of Mena’s role in the development of MT in an article published at Baseline magazine. The article suggests that Ben developed MT for Mena, with these lines “Mena couldn’t find any software she liked to use for her online journal. She complained to her husband, Ben, that the available tools didn’t offer enough control over comments or archiving, for instance. So Ben, a software developer, built a program that gave Mena everything she was looking for. The result is now one of the most popular Weblogging tools around.”. Ben argues that MT was a joint effort that would not have succeeded had Mena not been involved in a joint development effort. Some online pundits, such as John K Davis are suggesting that this is an example of women being marginalised in society, whilst Anil Dash sees the posting as an example of “Ben kissing up to the boss”, however any way you look at it, the Trotts, together and as one, have gone on to greater success, and Baseline deserves a good kicking.

Blog on, Indy

An article note worthy for its description of blogs, if somewhat inaccurate yet colourful.
Blog on, Indy |
“It’s the little black dress of the tech world. A necessity beyond explanation. Simply put, if you don’t have one, you are sooooo last year…In short, a blog is an online journal, a daily update of the ho-hum happenings of your average Joe and Jane. For whatever reason, they’re the hottest thing to go online since the Paris Hilton video.”

Iranian bloggers rally against censorship

Iranian internet users have been venting their frustration at online censorship on a blog devoted to the UN’s digital summit in Geneva.
Iranian bloggers rally against censorship | BBC
“Reports that Google’s cache – which keep copies of websites for records and can be used to bypass government restrictions – was no longer available to some web surfers in Iran first surfaced at the end of last week. “

Quiz for Bloggers Wondering What to Blog About

Natalie d’Arbeloff
1. Should I blog about what makes me angry?
2. Or should I blog about what makes me happy and/or sad?
3. Or should I blog about what I do and see and hear in my day-to-day life?
4. Or should I report on what others are doing in their everyday lives?
5. Or should I blog about the Meaning of Life, the Universe, and Everything?
6. Or should I see if there are Bloggers Anonymous meetings to cure my addiction to blogging?

My Answers to the above Quiz:
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Expert Voice: John Patrick on Weblogs

An excellent article and interview with John Patrick at CIO Insight which looks at the place blogs have in business and pleasure in an insightful and engaging way. Definitely one of the best articles we have read on blogging in a long time:
Expert Voice: John Patrick on Weblogs | CIO Insight
“There is no question in my mind that blogging is already beginning to reshape how information is created, published and shared. Blogs have the power to introduce new voices into the mix, which will enrich the quality of information available. Voices not necessarily heard before, thanks to limitations of money, access or hierarchy—you’re not the CEO, you’re just a guy with a big idea—now you can bridge those gaps. Say you’re a CIO who wants to develop some thought leadership around the need to rethink the company’s approach to mobile workforce strategies. Blogs can give you access to the grassroots and to your peers that you might not otherwise have had.”

What is a Blog

Duncan Riley
I received an interesting email from a D Trefethen asking a simple question “What is a Blog” which resulted in some deep reflection on the Blogosphere and what it has become. Whilst once upon a time Blogs were nothing more than the idle jottings of a geek few, blogs have long grown up from their journal roots to something much larger, bigger than an online diary.
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Communists ban Bloggers book

If you haven’t heard about Mu Zimei, a 25-year-old “rock chick” from the southern city of Guangzhou in China yet, you soon will. Ms Zimei, whose name translates to “the Wooden Child”, has gained wide spread publicity for the postings on her blog. Her syle of sex and free love has drawn the attention of the Chinese Communist party, which has moved to ban her book, in a scandal that has bought her even more attention not only in her homeland, but worldwide as well.
Her story is one of the opening up of China to Western ideals, a clash of cultures as free speach and liberty clash with with communism and the old guard of China.
Coverage of her book ban is featured at the Telegraph. If you interested in her blog, at the time of publication all links to the blog were down, perhaps blocked by the Chinese Government, however a number of other blogs are covering her work including: China Digital News, Danwei, and Yahoo! China (note in Chinese), with Danwei featuring some translations of her work: not for those under 18.

O’Reilly Announces Publishing Agreement with Wil Wheaton

This press release fresh in, we are not Wil Wheaton fans, but he does demonstrate the power of blogs in building fame, and the language in the press release is some of the most bizarre and whacky spin ever written:
SEBASTOPOL, Calif., Dec. 8 — Any honest computer geek will
admit that his obsessive coding is, at heart, a futile attempt to create a
world as cool as those depicted in science fiction. New evidence of the
symbiotic relationship between Sci Fi and geekdom surfaced today, as O’Reilly & Associates, the geek publisher-of-record, announced plans to publish three books by Wil Wheaton, blogger, geek, and the actor who portrayed Wesley Crusher on Star Trek: The Next Generation.
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