All the News That’s Fit to Skewer

Wired reports on bloggers keeping watch on reporters
All the News That’s Fit to Skewer |
“In recent weeks, half a dozen or more blogs devoted to tracking the work of a single political reporter have emerged from the ether. Writers from the The Washington Post, Reuters and the Associated Press are among those targeted by this “adopt a journalist” campaign. “

Atom suppport for TypePad

Bwn Trott today announced the release of beta support for the Atom API in TypePad. Ben stated that the Atom API is “designed for extensibility”, and with that in mind, he has added to supporting standard weblog posts Atom implementation that also allows the ability to post to photo albums and TypeLists, something that has not been available using older APIs.

Tell your wife to cut out the blog right now

We’ve categorised this humour but it may well be legitimate: from the “Dear Harriette” Column in the Detroit Free Press
Dear Harriette: When my wife gets mad at me, she writes on her Web site what I did wrong that day. We are in counseling, but sometimes my words will be twisted around on the site. She tells me not to go to the site, but I know one of our neighbors does and I want to know what is being said about me on a public Web site. Any advice? Tom, Texas
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Reviewing Australian Blogs on Australia Day

I love a sunburnt country, a land of many blogs, of wide brown RSS feeds….. although Dorothy McKellar may turn in her grave, Australians are slowly starting to catch up to the rest of the civilised world in the blogosphere and this Australia Day we take a quick look at some key Australian blogs and blogging sites!
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Who will join Gates for knighthood

News that Bill Gates will be bestowed a Knight Commander of the Order of the British Empire (KBE) raises the questions of other nominees for Royal Honours this year: our suggestions:
Posthumously Adolf Hitler: for services to English architecture
Bill Clinton: for encouraging women in the work place
Osama Bin Laden: services to international friendship
Sadamm Hussein: for supporting Kurdish rights
Jacques Chirac: services to language diversity
Any other suggestions?

Dont blame us for Dean (and other hype matters)

There are those in the media who over hype the net and the blogosphere, and there are those who wrongly denounce its influence. Paul Andrews of the Seattle Times falls into the later category. In a piece entitled Internet buzz fizzles out in Iowa test, he alleges that the failure of the Dean and Kucinich campaigns in the Iowa Primaries is indicative of the failure of the internet to reflect voter sentiment, and that the Net managed to distort Deans and Kucinich’s appeal “like the proverbial flea on the elephant” whilst not providing the results it promised. We say rubbish.
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Dean goes nuts

The blogosphere is buzzing with the Howard Dean implosion, for a little lite listening check out which has a full range of the Dean remixes.