Gay Marriage Poll Gets Annulled

This is both a funny story and a demonstration of the power of blogs
Gay Marriage Poll Gets Annulled |
“When the American Family Association posted an online poll last month asking its constituents their position on gay marriage, it thought it was engaging in a straightforward exercise…soon, people like Gabe Anderson began posting it to blogs, social-networking sites such as Friendster and sundry e-mail lists. When Anderson posted it to his blog on Dec. 18, 2003, the anti-gay-marriage position was leading, with 51.45 percent of respondents opposing gay marriage or civil unions. But with his posting, in which he alerted his readers to the poll, Anderson — and many like him — began to unleash the democratic power that the Internet promises, and which organizations like the AFA must have forgotten: the ability to bring people together to fight for, or against, a cause. “

Comfort of strangers

David Sexton at the Scotsman takes a look a literary blogging.
Comfort of strangers | The Scotsman
“The most intriguing literary event last year wasn’t the arrival of Harry Potter No5, or the waste of the Booker Prize on DBC Pierre, nor even the potty elevation of JRR Tolkien in The Big Read. It was the rise of the literary weblog.”

Blog mixing

Looking for a quick distraction, or what your blog would look like in the layout of another blog or webpage, try topfx

Blogging in Buffalo

Another piece on blogs within a region or city, always interesting from the perspective that bloggers can be recognised for the passion at the local level, probably not so interesting if you don’t live in Buffalo
Blogging in Buffalo: private life writ large | Buffalo News
“In fact, these Buffalonians are happy to have you – and lots of other strangers – peer into their lives on a daily basis. They’re part of a small but fast-growing Internet phenomenon known as weblogging, or “blogging.”

Blog Herald sponsors Bloggies: money may go to Wil Weaton!

Duncan Riley
Always one to put my money where my mouth is, I’ve made a small donation to the blogging awards community by sponsoring 2 awards in the Annual Bloggies. Whilst originally considering sponsoring the Australian blog, being Australian, or a Canadian blog, since the Canadian blogging community has been so supportive of me, I’ve done something a little wacky, in sponsoring Best American Blog, for two reasons, know one else had, and I’m on the American’s side when it comes to global conflict. But as a consequence there is every chance that my US$20.04 will be going to the coffers of former Star Trek annoyance Wil Weaton. . Whilst I’ve been critical of Wil in the past it may well be time to eat my words. I’ll be covering the nominees in the next couple of days, so stay tuned, I’ve also sponsored the Best Kept Secret category, as I still believe there are many blogs out there deserving more attention, and although I cannot change the world, I can do a my bit to help the under-mentioned and linked bloggers of the world.
Happy voting.

Yale on Blogs

Blogging Yale style
Blah, blah, blog: anyone can read, anything and everything | Yale Daily News
“Ever the trendsetters, opinionated Yalies have begun posting their daily thoughts for all Internet traffic to read. Lured by free blog-hosting sites like and and fueled by the desire to spread their musings to a wider audience, these Yalies have joined the diverse ranks of RuPaul, Duff and political pundits such as Andrew Sullivan and Nathan Newman.”

WebTalkGuys Radio Show names professional blogs as trend for 2004

US Radio show “WebTalkGuys Radio Show” has named professional weblogs as the no. 5 trend for 2004. Whilst probably not news to those in the know, its always good that the blogospere is recognised by mainstream media for its capabilities: they say: “Weblogs in 2004 will go through a transition as the explosive growth in the number of bloggers will slow, but the quality of the active blogs will become much better. The blog technology and uses will expand in 2004 to include more professional journalists, online experts, major media and corporations”