2 bobs worth on Carl Grimmer

If you haven’t read Carl Grimmers story follow this link: an amazing story, whilst not blogging related, it needs a power of the blogosphere to make a difference. Read the story, and follow ups at http://www.dvicci.com/. We won’t spoil the story by repeating it here, but if you want to give some feedback to the principal his email address is [email protected]

RIP Corante on Blogging

Hylton Jolliffe has announced that Corante on Blogging, once a regular news source for blogging news, has finally been scrapped in a post to the site here. We are sure we would be among many who wish Hylton Jolliffe well in future endevours and who will miss the once interesting contributions Corante on Blogging added to the sphere of blog news reporting.

MT Version 2.66 released in record time

In a reaction to the ever increasing menace of Blog spam, the Trotts at Six Apart have release MovableType 2.66 as a stopgap before the release of comment registration in Movable Type 3.0, in an effort to provide some protection against blogspam flooding.
Included in the update is a new throttling measure where comments from the same IP address can only be posted every N seconds, as well as a measure to automatically ban an IP address based on an abnormal number of comments from the same address in a short period of time.

Blogging the primary with a camera phone

We know we’ve promised to avoid the upcoming US election circus, but this article just caught the eye: a reporter/ blogger with The Spokesman-Review in Spokane, Washington is heading of to New Hampshire for a week to cover the primary, equipped with a Treo 600 camera phone. Results are set to be posted in the Spin Control blog, a blog off the main Spokesman-Review site. How the world is changing when a reporter goes off to cover a story by gathering images by phone and posting them to a blog.

The California Insider on OJR

Daniel Weintraub, better known as the California Insider, has written a thoroughly facinating piece for OJR
Politics and Beyond: an Inside Look at The California Insider | OJR
“Such is the life of the journalist-blogger — the always-on, 24-7 news and information machine. We are the few, the hearty, the counterrevolutionaries, invading a Web-based world that was created as an alternative to the mass media of which we are still a part. Although few believe at this stage that the blogosphere is a serious threat to the print world, we refuse to let the challenge go without a fight. We think we might even have something to learn from our amateur brethren.”

Terra Lycos upgrades blog service

Terra Lycos, the global Internet Group, today added new premium features for advanced bloggers to its award-winning Tripod Blog Builder(TM) tool. The advanced customization features give premium Tripod members complete control over the appearance of their blogs. In addition to being able to choose colors and fonts, premium members can now create their own blog layouts, or make a Tripod Blog fit into any pre-existing Web site design.
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When trash television meets blogging

(via radiofreeblogistan) Blurring the lines between reality television and blogging Jim Kukral has begun casting for the The Big Blog Show, billed as the “Internet’s 1st reality blog”. The concept is that there are 9 contestant bloggers blog onto the big blog show blog and see what happens. Jim is apparently looking for “active bloggers, people who have passion for blogging and sharing their words and feelings with the world. Of course, it doesn’t hurt if they like to stir it up! “. Whilst finding the concept of “reality blogging” somewhat ironic as reality is basically what bloggers blog about, albeit a subjective personal view of reality, we’ve applied to see what happens, and you’ll get all the gossip here first if we succeed in getting picked for the blog. Then all we’ll need is a picture of Princess Di and a member of the cast of Friends on the intro page, and we’ll start being sold in a supermarket isle!

Bloggies Time

Its Bloggies time again and if you haven’t voted yet vote here. Voting closes 10pm US EST today (Monday 12 Jan). And whilst scrolling down the voting form please consider some of friends of the Blog Herald for nomination, there are a few sure fire winners in our list, and if you are feeling generous we would love to win best Australian/ New Zealand Blog, since the blog on blog category has been sadly scrapped this year. Whether you vote for us or not, it is important to have your say to keep the blogosphere free and democratic.

Microsoft bloggers come to MSDN

Microsoft is adding Web logs published by its employees to its Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN), the company’s main site for software developers.

The almost 100 blogs are currently published on a little-known Microsoft site called GotDotNet. They will be an integrated part of the MSDN site, said Sara Williams, product unit manager of Microsoft’s MSDN group and a Microsoft blogger.
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