When too much Slashdot in bad for your health

When is too much Slashdot bad for your health? When your a company wishing to promote the world’s first apartment solely lit by LEDs. Following this article at Slashdot, the apartments creators had to “temporarily disable the content of the
site” following near server meltdown. Despite no server we are still interested in the concept of the Vos Pad.

Blog Spammers getting worse

A new record today for the largest number of blog spams posted to the Blog Herald: nearly 70 new comments promoting viagra in one day, all unfortunately missed by MT-Blacklist however happily removed using the De-spam feature in MT-Blacklist. Is anybody else being hit with similar numbers?

My So-Called Blog

Emily Nussbaum from the NY Times have delved into the world of teen blogging in this lengthy piece on a phenomenon she described as surpassing telephone calls, texting and instant messaging. If you have ever wondered about why so many American teens are blogging this may shed some light.
My So-Called Blog | NY Times
“…the private experience of adolescence — a period traditionally marked by seizures of self-consciousness and personal confessions wrapped in layers and hidden in a sock drawer — has been made public. Peer into an online journal, and you find the operatic texture of teenage life with its fits of romantic misery, quick-change moods and sardonic inside jokes. Gossip spreads like poison.”

And the award for biggest loser on the web in 2004 goes to..

Bones from the Indiana State University Centre for Biological Computing for his absurd piece entitled:
“Why I f*cking hate weblogs”.
Amongst its gems include: “Weblogs are f*cking stupid”, “Weblogs suck ass”, “Who reads these weblogs? Nobody”, “I f*cking hate weblogs, they are so f*cking stupid. ”
Perhaps you’d like to drop Mr Bones an email on [email protected] or let us know whether you concur with his conclusions.

New Newsgator Launch

In addition to launching NewsGator 2.0 at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas this week, NewsGator Technologies announced its new NewsGator Online Services offerings to users today. NewsGator Technologies will be previewing Version 2.0 and their new Online Services at the Digital Experience media event held at the Mirage in Las Vegas tonight between 7 and 10 pm.

NewsGator Online Services is a powerful set of tools, allowing users to search for the content they want, including exclusive subscriber-only content, and read this content on any device. These services are available for anyone – not just NewsGator for Outlook users.
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Blogs Coming of Age in Spain

Xeni Jardin at Wired has written on blogging in Spain, of interest to those who are interested in the development of blogging in non-english speaking markets.
Blogs Coming of Age in Spain | Wired
“blogs are gaining serious influence as they become an increasingly important part of media and social dialogue worldwide…nowhere was that more obvious in 2003 than in Spain, where bloggers and journalists say blogs’ role in the country’s cultural life was galvanized this year — and all signs point to increasing impact in the year to come”

Comment Errors

Apologies to all our regular contributors as the Blog Heralds comments seem to be down at the moment, after updating MT Blacklist, MT started giving 500 Internal server error messages for posts, reloads and comments. All things being equal should be fixed soon. Can still post new content though at this stage.
UPDATE: after much hair pulling the comments and site are back to normal, except that we have removed the displayed RSS feeds from the right nav bar. There appears to be some clash between MT Blacklist and MT RSS Feed. Not sure what or how, put leaving it as is for now.

Google gives float to Morgan and Goldman

The Sydney Morning Herald is reporting that Google has hired Morgan Stanley and Goldman Sachs Group to arrange its initial public offering, a sale that might raise as much as $US4 billion ($5.2 billion), a banker involved in the transaction said. The sale by Google, the world’s most used internet search engine and owner of Pyra Labs, creators of Blogger, is set to be the biggest of the year.
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