We’ve had losers of the year, this is the first nominee for “prick” of the year

Alex Beam from Boston.com News becomes our first nominee for Prick of the year for this piece of anti-blogging crap: somebody needs to tell him while hitting him in the face that Howard Dean does not equal the blogosphere, and despite his rubbish the blogosphere is powerful enough to seek revenge upon his current job and every thing he does in the future.
It’s game over for Dean’s Web dreams | Boston.com
“What is that whooshing sound that you hear? It is all the hot air escaping from the self-styled “blogosphere.”The blogosphere is the alternative reality Internet world, supposedly populated by vast communities of keyboard tappers linked by the World Wide Web.”
“The Internet can be likened to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Ten years ago, the Web was going to put newspapers out of business. Now, hilariously, 99 percent of the Internet commentariat, my friends the “bloggers,” spend all day spitballing, commenting upon, and stealing the content of papers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Globe.”

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