She Was a Teenaged Blogger

NRO looks at the movement behind Cecile DuBois, and since we’ve posted on Glenn Reynolds once today, how the Blogfather can make or break a blogger
She Was a Teenaged Blogger | NRO
“My 14-year-old blogger daughter got Instalanched last week, after she wrote about how her English teacher had ridiculed her in front of the class for writing an un-p.c. paper. I’ve heard what happens when the mighty Instapundit’s Glenn Reynolds links you but never seen it up close, and it really is amazing: From 100 hits a day (typical for a teenager’s blog) to 100 an hour, with links to dozens of other blogs and almost 200 posted comments from Edinburgh to Auckland”

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  1. says

    i find it weird that everyone agrees with her. when i say stuff like that i get dissed by almost everyone all the time. maybe they’ve deleted the negative response in the comments on her website.


  1. valentine me
    One of the cool things about being some 18.5 hours ahead of the US and 11.5 hours ahead of the UK (yes, Adelaide is in a timezone all it’s own) is that we get to celebrate things like tacky hallmark…