Blogging: The Next Wave

Glenn Harlan Reynolds at Tech Central Station gives his opinion on where best to target a new blog, good reading if your looking at starting one
Blogging: The Next Wave | TCS
“So if I were starting out from scratch, with the goal of having maximum blog-impact, I think I’d give that subject [war-blogging] a pass. Instead, I’d look around to see what’s going on that’s potentially very interesting, but that isn’t getting enough attention…”

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  1. says

    Hey, I like some of the things on your blog.

    I have a tangential question and you seem like someone who might know. I ran across a disclaimer of sorts once and can’t find it again.

    I’m not talking about something like the Blogger Code of Ethics (, but more like something that tells you not to stalk a blogger, that the blogger has the right to respond or not, etc. Any ideas?