Tucows acquires BlogRolling

Tucows Inc. today announced the acquisition of BlogRolling.com, a popular website and weblog tracking service.

BlogRolling.com presently tracks over 500,000 weblog links for more than 32,000 users. Each day BlogRolling.com serves over 1.5 million blogrolls to users of all major weblog platforms. BlogRolling.com is a blogroll management service; a list of links that a website or weblog owner can include in their web pages as a public list of bookmarks. Tucows will continue to support BlogRolling.com users and all weblog platforms as it continues to develop new features for the service.

“BlogRolling.com is a ‘best-of-breed’ service enjoyed by tens of thousands of users,” said Ross Rader, Tucows’ director of research and innovation, “and we believe the acquisition of BlogRolling will enhance the capabilities available in Tucows’ Blogware service. ”

Tucows is currently developing an outsourced weblogging and content management service that will be available exclusively through Tucows resellers. Selected resellers have been beta testing Tucows Blogware for the past year. The service features drag-and-drop customization in a completely secure environment. In addition to its standards-based support for the newest content publication and management standards, it offers end-users complete mobility through its integration with a broad range of wireless communication devices, personal digital assistants and digital camera technologies.

“Users view weblogs as a great way to share information and other content,” commented Jason DeFillippo, president of BlogRolling.com. “Software developers and service providers must make using the internet a productive experience for their users. BlogRolling.com makes it easy for users to add interesting and useful content to their weblog or website. Blogware makes it easy for users to create and maintain their weblog. The two are a perfect complement to one another.”

“We’re really looking forward to working with our extensive network of resellers and extending BlogRolling’s unique website tracking features to their Blogware customers,” continued Rader. “Blogware makes it easy for webloggers and website managers to create and consume content, information and digital media. BlogRolling.com enhances this capability and gives our resellers yet another way to differentiate themselves in the highly competitive markets that they each play in.”

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