We’ve had losers of the year, this is the first nominee for “prick” of the year

Alex Beam from Boston.com News becomes our first nominee for Prick of the year for this piece of anti-blogging crap: somebody needs to tell him while hitting him in the face that Howard Dean does not equal the blogosphere, and despite his rubbish the blogosphere is powerful enough to seek revenge upon his current job and every thing he does in the future.
It’s game over for Dean’s Web dreams | Boston.com
“What is that whooshing sound that you hear? It is all the hot air escaping from the self-styled “blogosphere.”The blogosphere is the alternative reality Internet world, supposedly populated by vast communities of keyboard tappers linked by the World Wide Web.”
“The Internet can be likened to the Boulevard of Broken Dreams. Ten years ago, the Web was going to put newspapers out of business. Now, hilariously, 99 percent of the Internet commentariat, my friends the “bloggers,” spend all day spitballing, commenting upon, and stealing the content of papers such as The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, and the Globe.”

Trippi’s bet on Net will pay off far into the future

Although we start with the disclaimer that we don’t follow the Democratic nominees, former Howard Dean staffer Joe Trippi has said some interesting things about the role of blogs and the internet in general that are worthy of presenting. We’ve included some choice quotes below, but the full article is worth a quick read.
Trippi’s bet on Net will pay off far into the future | Mercury News
“Trippi was right about plenty of things last year. He bet that savvy use of the Internet, plus unprecedented reliance on and trust in people at the edges of networks, could help turn a “who’s he?” candidate into a genuine contender for the nomination.”
“Dean has flaws as a candidate that hurt him, but that doesn’t mean the Internet model of political organization is a failure. Witness the rapid adoption of Weblogs, MeetUps and online fundraising by the other candidates.”

Beltway Bloggers

The influential Washington Post is featuring a piece on the growing influence of blogs and bloggers in Washington DC. A good countenance to the Dean-“blogs have no use” argument
Beltway Bloggers | Washington Post
“Washington’s blogosphere is a galaxy of local Web writers who are tied to their computers and to their connections with each other. There are plenty of gossipy teen blogs and “what-I-had-for-lunch” journals, but like the city itself, Washington’s blog scene has a strong base of politicos.”

Blair may blog the next election

The Guardian is reporting that the British Labour Party is looking at using a blog as part of Tony Blair’s re-election strategy
Blair may blog the next election | The Guardian
“Douglas Alexander, Labour’s election coordinator, told Guardian Unlimited he is considering all means to communicate with the voters directly for the campaign, including an election blog.”

A new nominee for loser of the year

Just when we thought we’d found a winner on January 9 along comes James A C Joyce with an anti MT tirade at Kuro5hin: “Why your Movable Type blog must die”. The posts highlights (or more accurately lowlights) include:
“[to MT users] You are all pretentious twats…You’re all latte-sipping, iMac-using, suburban-living tertiary-industry-working WASPs who offer absolutely no new insights on anything whatsoever apart from maybe one specialist field if we’re lucky”
“All of your blogs talk about the same crap…the vast majority of all Movable Type blogs are written by those living in the United States”
“You are f**king stupid…The idiocy of Movable Type bloggers is most evident when they become emotional about a topic. When this occurs, they tend to make all kinds of massive, grating rhetorical faux pas such as false analogies.”
it goes on and on.
Aside from the post being one of the most clichéd, pious pieces of amateurish rubbish we have ever read on the web, it does a gross disservice to Kuro5hin to be hosting it.
Tell us what you think about James Joyce.

Wanted: MT 3 Alpha Testers

(editors note: you go away for 3 days and you miss all the best stuff)
The Trott’s are looking for the brave few who don’t mind getting their servers dirty with alpha testing for Movable Type 3. Mena Trott asks “If you’re a Movable Type authority, plugin developer, web standards advocate or just a Movable Type user with an active commenting community and want to be involved in this round, please drop us a line using the Movable Type contact form.”
If your keen visit the Movable Type main page and follow the links to the contact form.