Bloggers coming to the rescue

If we had a category for heartwarming this story would be filed their. The crux of the tale is that of an Athens blogger by the name of Germaine Cahoon, whose friends house burnt down and the bloggers who came to the rescue.
A world of help | The Atlanta Journal-Constitution
“At first, I didn’t have much information on the site,” Cahoon said. “Just that it was my best friend, Rebecca. Her house burned down. These are her adorable children. Please do what you can. Today, Cahoon’s living room is so full of donated clothes, toys, books and household necessities, there is no place to sit. And Cahoon’s home is not the only repository for donations.”

Pinging Yahoo from MT

With the recent launch of My Yahoo’s RSS service, allowing users to add nearly any RSS feed to their My Yahoo service, Jeremy Zawodny expalins how to ping My Yahoo when you update your blog, and subsequently your RSS feed. If you’re not doing so yet, its a must do this week, as the service has the potential to bring a whole new audience to the blogosphere, and every blog who reads this post.

The drama of blogging

The New York Post is reporting problems caused by thoughtless blogging in an wrongly named article, no doubt utilised to sensationalise what its really quite a fluff piece, but none the less a lesson to all bloggers: “think before you post”
You’re Fired | NY Post
“I told my parents about my blog to give them some sort of insight into my life,” she says. Then I went home for Thanksgiving and my Mom busts out with: ‘All you do is go out and drink every night!’ We had this huge blow-out.” …
“One girl I know mentioned on her blog that her best friend had an abortion,” he says. Needless to say, “now they’re enemies.”

King of the Blogs

(via Cranial Cavity) King of the Blogs is a relatively new fortnightly competition based on blog posts. Whilst blogging competitions are not new, King is attracting some well known blogs including Wizbang and provides an often humorous slant on the blogs its reviews.