Speculation that SixApart will charge for MT 3.0 plugins

Following a new post at Mena’s corner in relation to the thinking behind MT 3 and the revelation that it is not a new features release, speculation has arisen in the MT community that SixApart plans to charge for plugins for the new version. Stupid Evil Bastard says:
“plugins introduced in the future will come with a price tag attached, both from Six Apart and from third parties. I’m sure some folks out there will balk at this idea, but consider this possibility: If Six Apart said that you could buy a plugin for MovableType that would add in the TypeList functionality already in use on TypePad sites across all your MT blogs for, say, $5 to $15 wouldn’t that be more than reasonable? Keeping in mind that there’s nothing stopping anyone from writing a similar plugin that they might give away for free. “

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