Speculation that SixApart will charge for MT 3.0 plugins

Following a new post at Mena’s corner in relation to the thinking behind MT 3 and the revelation that it is not a new features release, speculation has arisen in the MT community that SixApart plans to charge for plugins for the new version. Stupid Evil Bastard says:
“plugins introduced in the future will come with a price tag attached, both from Six Apart and from third parties. I’m sure some folks out there will balk at this idea, but consider this possibility: If Six Apart said that you could buy a plugin for MovableType that would add in the TypeList functionality already in use on TypePad sites across all your MT blogs for, say, $5 to $15 wouldn’t that be more than reasonable? Keeping in mind that there’s nothing stopping anyone from writing a similar plugin that they might give away for free. “

In remembrance.

At the going down of the sun, and in the morning, we will remember them.
“Beneath the shadow of thy throne
Thy saints have dwelt secure;
Sufficient is thine arm alone
And our defense is sure.”

This Anzac Day we remember those who lost their lives in defence of our country and the freedoms that we cherish today, and know that we will be forever grateful for their ultimate sacrifice so that we may blog today without fear of tyranny or oppression. We will remember them.
If you haven’t already this Anzac Day, please consider making a small donation to Legacy

Blogging on the campaign trail

Rabble.ca> These days, everybody has one. Your friends have them, profs have them, journalists have them. Even Noam Chomsky has one. Moby does too. Therefore, it should come as no surprise that many politicians are also jumping on the latest Internet trend. In the U.S., the campaigns of both President George W. Bush, Democratic Party nominee John Kerry and former hopeful Howard Dean feature blogs, also known as weblogs, on their official websites. During their candidacies for the leadership of the Canadian Liberal and Conservative parties, respectively, Prime Minister Paul Martin and Belinda Stronach also kept blogs. read more>

Blogs and Ethics

Poynter Online> The title of Stanley Kubrick’s last movie “Eyes Wide Shut” popped into my head when I began pondering an interesting question recently posed on Slashdot.org. The question addressed the issue of online journalism ethics when it comes to blogs. It asked: “(D)oes the nature of the World Wide Web in fact give sites like Wonkette, Drudge, or even Slashdot a free pass on accuracy if it means the difference between getting the scoop or not?” read more>

What happened to You Link me, I Link you

Lawn Greengrass> It’s sad point to have to make but in my view the camaraderie, the ‘all-in-the-same-boat-ness’ that the blogging community held special to its increase and popularity on the internet, seems well on the decline. Whether or not it’s something to do with the Corporates sticking their noses in where they’re not wanted and changing the landscape or the Bloggers themselves losing the plot I’m not sure. But what happened to helping fellow Bloggers out? Or to put it simply what happened to ‘You Link me – I Link you.’?
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Web Sites for Music Playlists and Baby Blogs

NY Times> Trixie is 8 months old, and though I’ve never met her, I know when she is asleep, how much formula she’s had today, and her lifetime diaper usage (going on 2,000). She’s also cute, but that’s beside the point. The Trixie Update (www.trixieupdate.com) brings baby blogs into the information-design era. The core of the site is Telemetry, a graphical system for tracking Trixie’s eating, sleeping and, er, digestive habits. It was created by Ben MacNeill, a designer and stay-at-home father, to automate the scraps of paper that littered his home as he tried to grasp his daughter’s routine, or lack thereof. read more>

Is the Hot Abercrombie Chic a hoax?

Julia Set is reporting a hot tip that Hot Abercrombie Chic Amanda Doerty is a hoax and is really a bloke capitalising on cute pictures of his girlfriend. Overstated is backing the claims with analysis that he/ she has been gaming Blogdex by posting to sites that post their most recent comments on their front page, a text book trick for raising popularity in the Blogosphere.

Wizbang is begging to differ, stating it is all a case of petty jealousy. Either way the site has been a phenomenal success and any site with over 100 comments to a particular post is doing extremely well.

Blogging for fun and profit

The Vanguard> “Howard Stern reads her every day. Michael Gross of the New York Daily News once said “everyone who is anyone in chic Manhattan is reading [her column]-or should be.”
The object of their praise is Alabamian Elizabeth Spiers, whose caustic on-line column specializes in deflating the biggest celebrity egos around, from Donald Trump to Catharine Zeta-Jones. So how did a girl raised in Wetumpka, Ala., become the most important observer of the Manhattan social scene? She became a blogger.” read more>

The News, One Entry at a Time

BloggerCon coverage at Wired
Wired.com> “…one Bloggercon participant said that many Web audiences prefer getting their news from sites with distinct narrative voices, regardless of whether those voices agree with their own politics…” read full story>

Some Candidates Turn To Blogs to Place Ads

BizReport> “…Chandler’s campaign picked 11 sites that focused on politics, each of which featured a running commentary on the news of the day…But he was so unsure it would work, he later said, that he planned to personally reimburse the campaign if it was a bust. It was not. The candidate recouped his money in online donations the first day of the campaign — and went on to raise more than $80,000 over the next two weeks..” read full story>