Content Tops List of Blogging Questions, According to WordBiz Survey

Press release> WordBiz has asked marketers what their single most important question about blogging was, 14% expressed concerns over content. Nearly 9% were unsure of what to write about, while 5% wondered how often to update their blogs to keep the content “fresh.” More than 11% asked how they could use blogs to boost profits and 3.5% wondered what the best software application for blogging was. 4% wanted to know what the heck a blog is.

Among the other diverse questions:

— “Are business blogs worth all the hype they’re getting?”
— “Why do search engines link to blogs so often?”
— “How can you effectively blog for business while keeping the ‘bad’ stuff
from being posted?”

The same survey discovered that 69% of marketers believe blogging is more than just a fad. Other questions revealed that 44.7% thought the word “blog” was descriptive, while 33% feel it is just silly. 22.3% said the term is ugly.

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