Content Tops List of Blogging Questions, According to WordBiz Survey

Press release> WordBiz has asked marketers what their single most important question about blogging was, 14% expressed concerns over content. Nearly 9% were unsure of what to write about, while 5% wondered how often to update their blogs to keep the content “fresh.” More than 11% asked how they could use blogs to boost profits and 3.5% wondered what the best software application for blogging was. 4% wanted to know what the heck a blog is.
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Calacanis keeps getting better: another new blog @ WeblogsInc.

Another day and its another new blog on the WeblogsInc Network (WIN) with a new creation from Peter Rojas and WIN guru Jason McCabe Calacanis. Keeping with the recent theme for using titles that state the blatantly obvious, the new title Joystiq not suprising covers gaming, but credit is due as the design skills and content of each new site on the WIN network improve with every launch. Definately worth a look. Rises From the Flames

Looks like the users have gotten their sites back….
Wired> What was decried as the death of a blog universe when Dave Winer shut down free blog host turned out to be little more than a four-day server outage surrounded by a heck of a flame war. While nasty comments zipped around the Web after the unexpected June 13 announcement that four years of free hosting was at an end for 3,000-plus blogs, computer book author Rogers Cadenhead was working with Winer on a solution. read more>

Legal eagle’s blog view of Oracle case

SFGate>By day, lawyer Gary Reback sits through the antitrust trial of Oracle Corp. in San Francisco. By night, he writes an Internet blog about the courtroom drama. Reback isn’t just any attorney, though. He represents PeopleSoft, Oracle’s arch enemy. read more>

Advice For Blogging Newbies

internetnews> If markets are a conversation, then companies need to pay close attention to what’s being said about their products in the blogosphere’s marketplace of ideas, Weblogging and tech executives said at the Internet Planet conference here Wednesday. read more>

Photo-blog drives festival traffic

dot journalism>, website of the Scottish daily newspaper, will be publishing a photo-blog for readers as part of its coverage of this year’s Edinburgh Festival. jointly manages, the official website for the 10 key festivals held in Edinburgh every year. read more>

Winer denies cancer rumours, dodges bullets instead

Blog-guru and Userland founder Dave Winer has officially denied rumours sweeping the blogosphere that his recent illness is due to cancer in a colourful email to The Blog Herald;
“No I don’t have cancer, as far as I know, knock wood, praise Murphy, and god bless for checking.”
This is the good news; the bad news is Dave is now dodging bullets as he draws heavy flack over the discontinuation of the free hosting services at Coverage here, here and here. Sure Dave could have handled the termination of the free service better, but how about some praise for the fact that he provided it for years in the first place. To the free-loaders currently criticising Dave we say “welcome to the real world where the rest of us live”.

Blog Syndication, Atom Accepted by IETF

CMSNews> The IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group) of the IETF has approved the creation of the “AtomPub Working Group”. They will focus on the new Atom Publishing Format and Protocol. Tim Bray and Sam Ruby are both involved. Tim as a chair person and Sam as secretary. In recent posts to their blogs they also both seem to be doing their best to down play the “blog standards war”, between RSS and Atom. This is nice. read more>