The seven-year-old bloggers

BBC> “…Children as young as seven in one British school are using weblogs as part of their normal routine, and are doing better than non-webloggers as a result, their teacher says. Weblogs, easy-to-use personal journals published on the internet, get children more interested in school work they might otherwise have disliked, says junior school teacher John Mills…” read more>

What not to do when switching OS

Never let it be said that as editor of this blog, I am unable to make fun of myself!. Before leaving MT for greener pastures I decided to abandon Winblows and join the Linux world, something Ive been experimenting with and pondering for 2 years. Managed to get my documents saved with all my page templates but Email! Nope: backed up the pst file but forgot to burn it prior to reformatting the hard disk (or HDA as its now referred to) to install Mandrake Linux 10. So if you´ve sent me an email and I haven´t responded my apologies, as the last 7 years of emails where lost in one foul swoop: the moral of the story is not back up your email, it is Windows blows :-)
Postscript: After 5 wasted days and years of lost email Ive gone back to Windows. Have you ever tried installing software under Linux? Still a good few years off becoming a viable alternative.

Look who’s blogging> You name it, someone’s blogging about it: A guy named Jason is making a case for why people should go to church naked. That’s one way to humble yourself before the Lord, he figures.
“GJoe” writes on his blog about a recent fishing trip with his dad and 91-year-old grandpa.
“The Rattler,” still in the middle of law school finals at The University of Kansas, finds time to analyze character development in the movie “Van Helsing.”read more>

Journalist imprisoned for online articles

Press release> Reporters Without Borders called today for the immediate release of Abbas Kakavand, who was imprisoned on 7 June for allegedly disseminating “false news” in articles he wrote for the website since February after leaving the conservative newspaper Ressalat. His articles criticised corruption and the political payments received by many conservative leaders.
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Microsoft’s Sacred Cash Cow

A fascinating article from Seattle Weekly about Microsoft’s lost focus and the threats it faces from Linux and Mac OSX. Not strictly blog related, but the role of Google in the challenge portfolio is of interest to all.
Seattle Weekly> Why are Microsoft products so endlessly frustrating to use? Even techno-geeks like me get annoyed by Windows. I’m tired of spending the first 10 minutes of my day rebooting just so I can get to work. Microsoft Outlook 2003, the latest version of the company’s e-mail and calendar software, hangs for me about once a day, requiring me to restart my PC. I also have a problem with Word 2003: Whenever I bullet a line of text, every line in the document gets a bullet. Asking Windows to shut down is more of a request than a command—it might, it might not. And recently, Internet Explorer stopped opening for me. read more>

Practically Speaking: Lawyer Blogs

New York Lawyer> This February, Albany lawyer Matthew Lerner decided it was time to harness the power of the Internet. With a posting titled, “Limitations Period for Subrogation Action Accrues When Accident Occurs,” summarizing a recent appellate decision, Mr. Lerner inaugurated his own Web site and joined the ranks of attorneys who have blogs — or “blawgs” — dedicated to legal affairs. read more>

Blog-rolling for votes and dollars

This little ditty from Salon: you’ve just got to get past the ads to read the full story. More and more though the message is the same: Blogs have become a legitimate alternative to the mainstream press, and as Salon points out: Blogs may be the icing on the candle for the better, more complete internet.
Salon> Political advertising on weblogs is booming, and some local candidates are raising big national money. Is the Web finally delivering on its revolutionary rhetoric? read more>

WirelessUnleashed Blog Debuts

Another day, another new blog, however something a little odd with this one. Great design, excellent editorial, good message: freeing up low-frequency spectrum globally for wireless broadband and unlicensed applications, but all funded by Microsoft, the same company that this week patented double clicking. Microsoft and free just doesn’t seem to gel: you be the judge: WirelessUnleased

The Blog-Only News Diet concludes

Steve Rubel’s experiment of a blog only news diet has concluded and Poynter covers the outcome:
Poynteronline> “…After a week, Rubel — a blogging aficionado and practitioner who writes about the narrow topic of how blogs and participatory journalism are affecting the practice of public relations — says he definitely lacked the depth of knowledge of current events gained in a normal week. “I felt a little naked,” he says, having received the basics of the week’s news from blogs, but not getting the real meat…” read full story>