Blogs Dot the Litigation Landscape

Blogs in the legal fraternity a growing in popularity> Michael Jackson has one. Martha Stewart paid top dollar for hers. And the Justice Department got one as a gift in its antitrust trial against Oracle Corp. Web sites dedicated to a specific trial are ushering in a new era of client service, said Denise M. Howell, a Web log booster and intellectual property litigator who is of counsel to the Los Angeles office of Reed Smith. read more>

Wry Hoaxes Enliven the World of Web Diarists

NY Times> EVERYONE seems to be writing a Web log these days, and those without day jobs have a decided advantage. So perhaps it did not seem unusual to see Bill Clinton joining the ranks. There were, for example, the jottings about a stay in San Francisco while promoting his memoir, “My Life,” including a night out in which he and Robin Williams ultimately regaled their wives with a song and dance while playing a Mariah Carey CD. read more>

Convention Coverage Could Boost Blog Traffic, Ad Rates, and Awareness

The question is of course is will the be across the board or just for the lucky few?
MediaDailynews>Could blog convention coverage catapult the so-called blogosphere into mainstream consciousness? Greater awareness of blogs has already boosted site traffic and ad prices for the personalized publishing niche of Web logs. “The volume of ads is huge right now,” boasted Henry Copeland, CEO of the blog ad network, Blogads. He claims that total ad revenue collected recently on five separate days, each individually equaled all of last year’s total ad revenue. Traffic to sites in his network has doubled in the last three months, too, he adds. read more>

Blogging for Dollars: Bloggers Are Using Personal Online Postings as a Career Springboard

Some interesting analysis from ABC about sustaining the increased exposure blogging has gained from the DNC and those seeking to go on to other things.
ABCNews> By now everyone has heard about the influx of bloggers at this week’s Democratic National Convention — the new world technophiles invaded the most starched of political traditions with great fanfare. But when the gavel sounds on Thursday night and the convention draws to a close, will these cyber-commentators fade back into their niche or can they expect to turn their 15 minutes into something more? read more>

Google IPO ready to go

Mecury News> In what is likely to be Silicon Valley’s biggest IPO, Google said Monday that it will sell nearly 25 million shares to the public, priced between $108 to $135, to raise as much as $3.3 billion read more>

Blog boom skirts Switzerland

Maybe blogs aren’t for everyone?
NZZ Online> Internet journals, commonly known as weblogs, have been springing up in many parts of the world – but have yet to catch on in Switzerland. Experts believe the reserved Swiss are missing the boat because they are reluctant to bare their souls to the outside world. read more>

Lycos offers live convention blogging

Press release> Terra Lycos, the global Internet Group, recently launched new mobile blogging features (mo-blogging), allowing its millions of users to update blogs with text and photos from mobile devices like cell phones and PDAs. Demonstrations of Lycos’ moblogging capabilities are now available all this week from the Democratic National Convention (DNC) in Boston.
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Technorati Launches a ”Politics” Webpage for Real-Time Analysis of Political Weblogs

Press release> Technorati, the monitoring service that tracks more than three million weblogs, or blogs, has launched a special section on its website to provide political coverage during and after the Democratic National Convention. The politics section, found at, offers statistics, analysis and real-time updates on what political bloggers are saying.

“Technorati is making it easy for journalists and anyone interested in politics to track the most authoritative political bloggers and to follow the hottest political topics,” said David L. Sifry, Technorati’s founder and CEO, “Our technology shows the relative influence of individual bloggers on any topic, on a moment-by-moment basis, so that visitors to our website can easily separate the wheat from the chaff.”
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