Q&A: Participants from Global PR Blog Week

An interesting interview over at PR Week with Trevor Cook, Constantin Basturea, B.L. Ochman and the blogger about town and good guy Steve Rubel (thanks to Keith O’Brien for the tip).
“Ochman: You cannot control the message any more. Look at what happened when the Kerry-intern scandal broke. Bloggers beat it down in minutes. Bloggers are proud of the fact that they don’t have editors. That’s very hard for companies to swallow.”

Consolidation in the European blog market: 20six and myblog.de merge

News from Europe that pan-European blog provider and market leader 20six have merged with German blog firm myblog.de (translation) after what is described as “intense talks” last week giving the new company more than 60% of the market share in Germany alone, with a strong presence in the UK, France and The Netherlands. The move comes on the heels of the recent acquisition of TypePad’s European franchise uBlog by SixApart.

(thanks to Max Niederhofer for the tip off)

Blogging Against Convention

Wired gives a good summary to the convention blogging hoopla
Wired> The fact that the Democratic Party has invited bloggers to the convention in Boston has stirred up of a lot of media attention lately. The Washington Post, USA Today, L.A. Times and Associated Press have published pieces on it (and now, of course, so am I), and The New York Times published an editorial. read more>

Why drinking and blogging don’t mix

The stress of developing Longhorn looks like it getting to much for some Microsoft bloggers according to this report from blog hater Andrew Orlowski at The Register. Essentially a group of middle aged Microsoft employees got pissed and acted like 13 year olds, posting silly acronyms on their blogs in an attempt to fool the media. The strange thing being though that it was only an insiders tip off that stuffed up the gag.

RSS Impact Likened to DoS Attacks

Worth a laugh
the whir>”According to a report by research and analysis firm Netcraft (netcraft.com), RSS feeds are creating traffic levels that have a similar impact on Web infrastructures to denial of service attacks. ” read more>

Checklist for Building the Ideal News Web Site

Interesting thoughts from Steve Outing at Editor & Publisher that may be applicable to blogging, although obviously including a blog isn’t relevant here. The scroll-less home page is flawed in the world of blogging and misses the point in relation to the stickiness of content. The samples provided are interesting however in terms of design concepts.
Editor & Publisher>If I was CEO of the online-news world (instead of a lowly industry pundit), most news Web sites would look different than they do today.
That’s not to say that there aren’t some excellent news sites out there. It’s just that none (that I’m aware of) bring all the elements together to create the ideal specimen. read more>

Blog if you love the Internet

Whilst providing a good line for a bumper sticker and falling guilty to the “Blogs are only journals” line, this Vancouver Courier article provides a good plug to the deserving Jim Elve over at Blogs Canada, and an interesting tidbit on the business that SixApart is doing with TypePad, looks like a potentially profitable niche Mena & co have cottoned on to:
“But beyond that, the truth is that most blogs, while theoretically publicly accessible, are meant for a small circle of friends and relatives. Fake notes that a third of Typepad blogs are private — they require passwords to enter and read”. Strange but true. As a numbers junkie I couldn’t see the point in writing for just a handful of people, but then again maybe it’s just me.

‘This Isn’t the Year’: Politicos Cynical on Net’s Role in Campaign Ads

OJR gives an interesting run down on blogs and the internet in general and how that although it is being used extensively, the use doesn’t match the add spend.
OJR> “…”This isn’t the year,” said Jonathan Trenn of Pericles Communication, who helped Bush-Cheney with its online advertising. “You need people who have credence and expertise in both online and politics … No one’s been fired for buying TV. In 2000, in March, April, and May, Bush and Gore spent $14 million on TV. This year, in the same period, Bush and Kerry and 527 groups spent $155 million on TV. Media consultants are still devoted to TV.” read full story>

Report damns UK political blogs

The Guardian> The quality of comment and debate on political blogs is often poor or even non-existent, and the jury is still out on whether they will ever make a significant contribution to parliamentary democracy, according to a Hansard Society report out today.
In the frequently damning report, the society says political blogging is still in its infancy. While it still has great potential to engage the electorate, the authors say, blogging forms a very minor part of public debate. read more>

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Login

Wired covers Bugmenot.com and over similar sites that are gaining greater traffic and even plugin support as more and more mainstream media sites alienated readers and drive the growth of the blogosphere by demanding registration to view content.