Police chief starts weblog

Always interesting to see the wonders of American democracy where a police chief is not only elected but has a blog to share his thoughts with the world
Sun Newspapers>Eden Prairie Police Chief Dan Carlson has joined in one of the World Wide Web’s latest crazes – the weblog. Carlson’s weblog entered cyberspace in early June on the city’s Web site, www.edenprairie.org – joining City Manager Scott Neal as Eden Prairie city department heads who “blog” to their constituencies.

Blogosphere discovers Tomah Journal

Its still nice that some newspapers feel that being linked by a Blog is worthy of celebration, as is the case with The Tomah Journal in this article posted to their website. What is a little disappointing however is the recommendation of the Daily Kos. Perhaps writer Steve Rundio has forgotten this statement from the site on the death of American contractors:
“That said, I feel nothing over the death of mercenaries. They aren’t in Iraq because of orders, or because they are there trying to help the people make Iraq a better place. They are there to wage war for profit. Screw them”

Blogging from MGB

SeattlePI keeps up its strong blog coverage with this post on Microsoft bloggers covering the Microsoft Global Briefing (MGB) from Atlanta. Now if Microsoft would follow the lead of the Democrats and accredit Dave Winer we might get some more interesting coverage.

Mena dumped by SixApart investors: insider says lots of fighting, Mena in tears

A SixApart insider has contacted The Blog Herald alleging that Mena Trott was dumped as CEO of SixApart and did not stepped down as per the spin on her blog. The same source alleges that the move came after several weeks of worsening relations between Mena and investors, including fighting over the phone with Mena ending up in tears on more than one occasion over the poor performance of the company to date. Her working relationships within SixApart’s San Mateo, CA, office are alleged to be “very poor” and the source speculates that given time the investors will look at buying out the Trotts.
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Kerry the right choice for Kerry?

If we had a bizarre category this would belong there. A new add for the Kerry campaign has popped up on blogs and media sites alike (as shown). Perhaps its a cultural thing but we would have thought that it was natural that Kerry would be the right choice for himself, but I thought that Kerry would be the left choice for America.

Google Acquires Digital Photo Management Company

God-like Internet giant Google has announced the acquisition of Picasa Inc., a digital photo management company “it hopes will help it to offer services that will differentiate it as it seeks to go public”
Picasa currently provides services to Google’s Blogger service, allowing easier uploads of photos and associated services.
With rumours circulating that the recent Blogger makeover have not delivered the promised growth Google had expected, the bolt on acquisition can only be seen as a further attempt of Google to improve returns from its risky blogging strategy.

Invisiblog nothing more than an excuse to pedal filth

Duncan Riley> I stumbled across a relatively new blogging service today (via Dave I think) by the name on Invisiblog. Normally I would be trumpeting the launch of a new blogging service, particularly a free one. The service provides blog publishing by “using GPG and the Mixmaster anonymous remailer network” to guarantee anonymous blogging. Good in the world of censorship you’d think? So would I normally. I know many of you reading this will be strong advocates of free speech on the net. But the devil is in the detail. Headlining invisiblogs most recently updated blog today: “Diary of a Paedophile”.
Free speech has its limitations.
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