Convention blog watch

The Enquirer> As the two dozen-plus independent Web logs (“blogs”) with press credentials settle in to cover the Republican National Convention online this week, Jay Rosen’s Press Think blog sets the stage in a literal sense. Rosen describes how Republicans have designed the space in New York’s Madison Square Garden, and what that says about how they will portray President Bush. read more>

RNC Bloggers at WSJ

With the RNC nearly here the WSJ covers the RNC Bloggers: a great read and you’ve got to say they are a switched on lot that will do us proud.
WSJ> Republican Web loggers are getting ready for their shot at posting convention news and commentary, and they say they’ve learned from their left-leaning counterparts’ experience five weeks earlier. At Madison Square Garden, the official blogger group will number about 15, a tiny fraction of the estimated 15,000 journalists expected, and less than half the size of the accredited Boston blogger set. read more>

Hartlepool Lib Dem blogs her way into byelection history

Blogging a by-election UK style
The Guardian> The Liberal Democrats today unleash their latest weapon in the Hartlepool byelection when their candidate’s interactive “blog” goes live.
Jody Dunn, a photogenic barrister and mother of four who hopes to wrest Peter Mandelson’s constituency from Labour, will daily detail what she has been doing, and reply to voters who log on. read more>

Impact of blogs seen as slight

Blog bashing 101: sure there has been a lot of hype but is this really fair….
JournalNews> Bloggers are the self-assured know-it-alls of the political media. Shrugging off impartiality and other journalistic creeds in favor of partisan swagger, D.C.-centric Web loggers wield their various points of view with a degree of confidence known only to true believers. But ask these same bloggers, about 20 of whom will be writing Web journals out of the Republican National Convention in Manhattan next week, if they have a big influence on the political process, and you’ll get a surprising answer: No, not really. read more>

Soldiers’ Iraq Blogs Face Military Scrutiny

security risk or controlling the spin: you be the judge
NPR> Military officials are cracking down on blogs written by soldiers and Marines in Iraq, saying some of them reveal sensitive information. Critics say it’s an attempt to suppress unflattering truths about the U.S. occupation. read more>

Google Adsense expands to include previously excluded bloggers

Biz Stone, noted blog author and current Google employee, has announced that bloggers will now be able to display AdSense ads on personal blogs. The programs extension is primarily being pitched at Blogger members, most of who were recently surprised at the removal of formerly compulsory advertising on the free Blogger service. By including Blogger users in the advertising placement, Google is hoping that it will attract more members and hence more revenue from the service. For many bloggers previously excluded from the program the policy change will be greeted as great news. However don’t expect instant riches for all but an elite few.

Web Scribe Ranks Olympic Last-Place Losers

Theres a blog for everyone….
Reuters>For those who believe the adage “all Olympic athletes are winners,” a Canadian man has dedicated the past 10 days to proving you wrong.

At his “blog” site (, Jonathan Crowe has been chronicling those Olympic athletes who finished dead last in their respective events.