Service Mixes Ads in Blog Chatter

A potentially concerning development that will blur the lines between advertorial and independent blog content
Wired> A new service would break down the walls between blogs’ editorial and advertising content by matching up marketers and bloggers in a manner reminiscent of magazine advertorials. The service, called Blogversations, is ostensibly designed as a way for bloggers to get paid to do what they’ve always done: carry on open-ended discussions with their readers about whatever they want to talk about. The difference is that Blogversations wants to find marketers willing to pay to sponsor the discussions. read more>

A hard-partying blogger

I’ve purposely not republished the full headline as I can’t help but beleive its judegemental. Another blogger reveals sex life story.>The electronic bulletin board where Jessica began posting her online diary offered her the option of creating a password so no one could read it without her consent. “But I thought that was, like, too much trouble for my friends to have to type in a password,” Jessica says. “I thought there are so many people with their own blogs, mine is not even going to come up on the radar.” read more>

BlogAds Site Experiencing Outage

Growing pains for
Netcraft> After days of intermittent performance problems, the BlogAds web site is experiencing an extended outage. BlogAds operates an advertising network for weblogs, and has seen a marked increase in traffic in recent months amid surging advertiser interest in blogs. read more>

Google’s Blog*Spot Loses Ads, Gains Navbar

Interesting developments in Google land.
clickz>Google this week removed the ads from the top of all free hosted Blog*Spot blogs, previously delivered as part of Google’s AdWords contextual ad program, and replaced them with a Blogger navigation bar that includes a search box. While the space no longer serves ads directly, it puts visitors one step away from keyword-targeted ads that appear next to search results, which are generally accepted to be higher performing than their contextual brethren.
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Further confirmation that the Olympic Movement are fascists

Duncan Riley Juan Antonio Samaranch, long time Olympic chief and friend of fascist Spain may have stepped down but his politics have not been forgotten. After earlier reports here at the Blog Herald that Blogs may be banned from the Olympics, confirmation from Wired that this is true. “The Olympic guidelines threaten to yank credentials from athletes who are in violation as well as to impose other sanctions or take legal action for any monetary damages.” the article states. Wouldn’t it be a disgraceful day for the world when an Olympic athlete is banned for blogging. Fascism is alive and well in the Olympic movement.

Blogging Across America

PCWorld>My wife and I just drove 12,000 miles through 30 states and parts of Canada over 11 weeks. It was exhilarating, but sometimes lonely–staying in touch with friends and family during an extended road trip can be tough. At the end of a long day, you don’t want to write out a half dozen postcards. But with a little help from the Web, you don’t have to: That’s the beauty of a photo blog.
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Tech Journalist Dan Gillmor in an online chat

Tech Journalist Dan Gillmor is taking part in an online chat about his new book “We the Media” on Guardian Unlimited at 3pm BST (British Summer Time) today (BMT is +1 GMT: 10pm AWST, 12 might AEST, 10am (US)EST, 8am (US)WST)
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Blogs Flex Muscle on Kerry’s ‘Christmas in Cambodia’ Tale

Washington Dispatch>”…This power was never more apparent than when the “Swift Boat Veterans for Truth” began showing an ad condemning John Kerry just a few weeks ago. That ad was combined with a release of a chapter of a book that also condemns Kerry called “Unfit for Command” that was written by one of the SwiftVets. The combination of these back-to-back releases made some take pause and led to a thorough review of the incendiary charges. The old media took a pass, but the new media stepped up and the blogosphere led the way…” read full article>

Blogs go big business

Globe and Mail> “Whatever it is you do by marketing, you can do by virtue of a blog… They’re a useful and valuable tool to build a relationship with your customers so that your brand name, what you do, who you are, is in their minds. You can do wonderful things [with blogs] if you really apply your creative thinking.” read full story>