Yahoo! search launches blog

Yahoo! has joined the growing list of firms with Corporate blogging facilities with the launch of a Blog from the Yahoo! Search team. Jeff Weiner, SVP Yahoo! Search & Marketplace states “the blog is designed to provide a window into what our team is thinking and doing, in their own words (and maybe some guest bloggers as well). Above all else we hope the blog enables [readers] to share our excitement for the search industry and what the future holds”. Strangley thouhg they have chosen a low key approach with no press release or other supporting statements for the launch of the Blog.

Invitation: BloggerCon III on November 6 at Stanford

It looks like Dave has settled on November 6 for BloggerCon III with this email sent out to potential participants:
I’m pleased to announce that we will hold our third BloggerCon on November 6, 2004 at Stanford Law School in Palo Alto, CA.
We would be very happy if you could join us.

A common theme in all the BloggerCons has been blogging and the political process, so it seemed we should wait until the campaign of 2004 is over, but with its events still fresh in our minds. So we chose the Saturday after the Tuesday of the US election. This way people who are actively involved in US politics will be able to join us in to discuss the role that blogs and citizen journalism played in the election.
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‘Insider’ info puts city blogs on the map

CNN covers metro blogs
CNN> “In Chicago, bloggers find out where the latest “Batman” movie is being filmed. In New York, they drool over pictures of steamed pork buns from a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown. And in Los Angeles, they joke about how the leavings of police cavalry might make Hollywood’s streets smell even worse.
Locally focused group “metro” blogs — compilations of events, reflections, recommendations, news and complaints — are emerging to put a number of big cities in intimate, street-level relief.” read more>

Real Launches Blog to Fight PR War with Apple

(via Steve Rubel) Real have launched a blog as a tool to help it fight a PR war with Apple over music distribution. The site features a weekly Q&A with CEO Rob Glaser, as well as a link to a petition stating “Don’t Let Apple Break Your iPod!” and calling on Apple to allow choice in music downloads.

Warner hits sour note in promotional effort

A story that just goes to show that there a right way and a wrong way to curry favour amongst bloggers
IHT>When Warner Brothers Records pulled out all the stops to promote a rock band called the Secret Machines on the Internet, there was one stop that might have been better left alone. This month, Warner became the first major record label to solicit MP3 blogs to play its music. These relatively new but increasingly popular personal Web sites offer music criticism right next to the actual music, in the form of downloadable MP3 files. But as is sometimes the case when marketers try to insinuate themselves into online communities, the company’s approach did not go as planned. Warner ran into a culture clash with the small world of MP3 blogs, annoying some of the people it was trying to win over. read more>

Experts See Blogs As Marketing Killer

Interesting insite into the growing realm of business blogging
E-commerce>”The tried-and-true marketing and PR departments may one day make the endangered species list, thanks to a rush of business interest in blogs and RSS feeds…The rise of RSS has some asking whether online businesses need to rethink their marketing strategies, when employees themselves are distributing corporate info and branding just as effectively — if not more — than normal marketing practices.” read full story>

Kanoodle Adds Paid Listings to RSS

DMNews> Kanoodle said yesterday that it struck a distribution deal with news aggregator Feedster to sprinkle paid listings in Feedster’s feeds of search results. The deal expands the reach of Kanoodle’s content listings program, called ContextTarget. Kanoodle also distributes its content listings to partners such as CBS MarketWatch and read more>

New Gen Y Blog

We are not so sure about this one…..
Press release> Teen media maven Anastasia Goodstein has launched, an independent blog that provides daily news & commentary about Generation Y for media and marketing professionals.
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Blogs Build Buzz, Raise Copyright Questions

Reuters> “The blog has begun to emerge as both a music industry friend and a potential bootlegging nightmare…In the business of buzz building, blogs are seen as a valuable viral marketing tool for labels looking to hype new acts. But many of the same Web sites are developing into the next possible headache for copyright owners. ” read more>