Savvy politicos turn to Web logs

Indystar> Forget direct mail solicitations and pleas made in person or on television. Savvy politicians trying to raise campaign money today are turning to the Internet. But there’s a particular slice of the Web that helps candidates raise money quickly and cheaply. From Senate Democratic leader Tom Daschle and his Republican opponent to congressional candidates in Kentucky, Colorado, Washington and Texas, more candidates have been turning to political Web logs, or blogs, to boost their campaign coffers. read more>

Blogging Brothers (and Sisters)

Right of Centre African-American bloggers make their mark
NPR> Avery Tooley describes himself simply as “a regular brother with some right-leaning political tendencies.” In other words, he’s the kind of black American that — if you listen to the Left and our self-proclaimed “black leaders” — doesn’t really exist. read more>

Transparency Begets Trust in the Ever-Expanding Blogosphere

OJR keeps up it reputation of quality analysis with an insightful look at the growing influence of blogs as a trusted source of news.
OJR> The openness of Weblogs could help explain why many readers find them more credible than traditional media. Can mainstream journalists learn from their cutting-edge cousins? read more>

Bloglines Marks Search Milestone of 100 Million Blog and News Feed Articles

Press release> Bloglines, the world’s most popular free Internet service for searching, subscribing, publishing and sharing news feeds and blogs, today marked a major growth milestone: more than 100 million live, dynamic articles are now indexed and tracked by the service. These articles come from hundreds of thousands of unique news sources and blogs, representing the freshest and most diverse voices on the Internet today.
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Blogging Hurricane Charley

Weatherbug has continued its recent support of blogging as a medium for reporting current weather events, sending Ryan Towell into the eye of the storm so to speak for up to the minute blogging on the Huricane that is rapidly heading towards the US East Coast. Track Ryan at (thanks to Steve Rubel for the tip)

An Overview of the Weblog Tools Market

An interesting analysis of the Blog Tools market has been provided by whilst she admits that there are no solid figures for her conclusions, some of the findings are at best fanciful, however its an interesting exercise none the less.

We’re All Journalists Now

Interesting interview with Dan Gillmor with Xeni Jardin, talking about his new book and the role blogs have in a new age of information disemination.
Wired>”WN: What role do blogs play in all of this? Gillmor: They have joined the journalism ecosystem. It’s more symbiosis than rivalry. I disagree with Big Media partisans who feel blogs are irrelevant, and with blog promoters who see the demise of professional journalism.” read full article>

U R what U blog> “It was his first interview with a reporter, and Snider High School senior Nick Turpchinoff had to write about it: “charlie roduta, a reporter, interviewed me about a story on weblogs. now she wants a couple pictures of me. what will i wear? how will i look? ahh!” Like more and more teens, the 17-year-old pours his thoughts into a weblog — or “blog” — for all the World Wide Web to see.” read more>