NewsGator Partners SixApart to Extend RSS Reach

eweek> News feed aggregator NewsGator Technologies has struck new partnerships to expand its enterprise sales and tie its online service with other desktop newsreaders.

NewsGator on Wednesday announced a co-marketing agreement with Six Apart Ltd., one of the leading makers of Weblog software, and integration of subscription information from its Web-based aggregation service with FeedDemon, a leading Windows desktop reader. read more>

On Notice

A good counter to the Spectator article which demonstrates why blogs are important and the growing irrelevance of many of the main stream print media.
Weekly Standard> IT STARTED on the Late, Late Show Monday night. Drudge posted a link to a picture of John Kerry’s suddenly orange face on Tuesday, and Blogs for Bush, Blogs of War, and Best of the Web started an Oompa Loompa meme Tuesday afternoon. I played the Oompa Loompa song a few times during the afternoon drive in scores of cities across the United States. Then Jay Leno opened his monologue with a combo botox/tan-in-a-can joke. Tens of millions of Americans kicked it around, and went to bed. read more>

What Blogs Can’t Do

The American Spectator takes a feeble dig at blogging
American Spectator> Oh, the blogosphere is crowing, “carrying Dan Rather’s head around on a pike,”….BUT CAN BLOGS DO WHAT NEWSPAPERS, television, and radio news do? They certainly don’t do it now. read full story>

Dutch finance minister opens up his life in blog

electric new paper> PROBABLY a first among government ministers worldwide, Dutch Finance Minister Gerrit Zalm is making his life public in cyberspace.

He is starting a blog, a personal diary on the Internet, to give people an idea of what it is to be a minister, with insights into his professional and private life. read more>

Authors find a new outlet for writing with online journals> Jennifer Weiner, author of the best-selling novels “Good in Bed” and “In Her Shoes,” likes to spend three to four hours a day working on fiction. When she’s done, time and family permitting, she updates her online journal.

“When I went on my first book tour [in 2001], I began keeping a Web diary, and every day I would write about the latest indignity I suffered,” she says. “And I found I really enjoyed doing it. It’s a way for me to keep in touch with my readers.” read more>

New form of therapy emerges on Internet: the blog

Ball State Daily> Blogger. Livejournal. Xanga. Deadjournal. These names are all becoming familiar as the days of written journals are dwindling. Many people seek something that will allow others to explore their souls and keep their fingers happy during the age of e-mail and AOL Instant Messenger.

These days, people of all ages are turning to online web logs to share upcoming events, life stories and opinions on current events. Web logs have been around for a long time, but the epidemic hit with the turn of the century. Not only are they simple to use and customize, but communities within each “blog” provide a social life outside of other everyday activities. read more>

Condesa Launches Blawg Republic

Press release> Condesa, an internet media company, today announced the launch of Blawg Republic, a free online service for searching, sharing, and tracking the latest news, and opinions moving through the legal blogging community.

Blawg Republic is a real-time search engine that monitors the legal blogging community every hour. People can browse excerpts on discussions, from Appellate Law to Technology Law. They can keep up with their favorite legal bloggers and track evolving discussions moving through the blawgosphere – the world of legal oriented weblogs.
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Red Hat exec launches blog attack on Sun

PCPro> A Red Hat executive has accused Sun of being ‘pathetic’ and ‘doing things that benefit nobody but Microsoft’ in his blog.

Red Hat VP Michael Tiemann’s attack comes in response to a post in the blog of Sun’s COO Jonathan Schwartz, in turn responding to recent articles and comments suggesting that an agreement between Sun and Microsoft is ‘probably as close as Microsoft can legally get to buying’. read more>

Guardian Unlimited signs up pundits for US elections

Press release> Guardian Unlimited has signed up two of the world’s leading political webloggers.

Glenn Reynolds and Markos Moulitsas are two of the best-known opinion formers on the web, and each will write a weekly column for Guardian Unlimited in the run up to the US Presidential elections on November 2.
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21 Publish Launches Enterprise Blogging Software

Press release> 21Publish Inc. has launched enterprise blogging software specifically designed to create private-label blogging communities.

21Publish provides a hosted application that enables organizations to easily set up a private-label blogging community, called a BlogPortal. A BlogPortal is a network of inter-connected blogs that operates under its own domain name and can be customized to reflect the look and feel of any organization. Additionally 21Publish’s sophisticated access management system ensures access security and allows individual bloggers to decide if content is available to the public or to a selected audience only
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