Blessing or Curse? Editors Examine Blogs’ Role in ’60 Minutes’ Uproar

The scrutiny starts to go both ways
Editor & Publisher> The current controversy over the validity of documents pushed in large part by bloggers and purporting to prove that President Bush received special treatment in the National Guard shows that partisan Internet pundits are having a growing impact on mainstream press, for better or worse, according to several newspaper editors. read more>

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  1. says

    Oh no! The Printed Press will scrutinize blogging! I am so scared!
    *rolls eyes*

    Sarcasm aside… it’s nice that the “Fourth Estate” has finally become aware of the new competition. Go ahead, write as much as you like. Bloggers will only get more readers that way (and newspapers even less).

    But the journalistic paranoia is amusing. Some reporters seem to actually believe in a vast blogging conspiracy, masterfully orchestrated from the White House. (Does that mean we get paid? Mr. Rove, I want my payola NOW!)

    Imagine, that grown men could be so immature.

    There is no blogger conspiracy. Blogging isn’t “controlled” — that’s what makes it dynamic and interesting (and scares the crap out of Old Media, apparently).