Guardian Unlimited signs up pundits for US elections

Filed as General on September 25, 2004 10:35 am

by Duncan

Press release> Guardian Unlimited has signed up two of the world’s leading political webloggers.

Glenn Reynolds and Markos Moulitsas are two of the best-known opinion formers on the web, and each will write a weekly column for Guardian Unlimited in the run up to the US Presidential elections on November 2.

Hundreds of thousands of readers already make daily visits to the weblogs by Reynolds, a Republican law professor, at, and ex-soldier Moulitsas, a Democrat, at

Their new columns are part of Guardian Unlimited’s comprehensive US election coverage which will also include regular reports from its team of award-winning journalists, weekly dispatches from swing-state citizen correspondents, and all the best from the web on our campaign blog.

For readers who want to keep up with the very latest from the campaign trail, Guardian Unlimited is producing a daily campaign briefing sent directly to their email inbox featuring the latest election news, polls and comment.

Guardian Unlimited users who want to get involved in the political debate can speak their minds on our talkboards, question our correspondents and commentators in our regular webchats, and vote in our world college polls.

It can all be found at

Neil McIntosh, Guardian Unlimited’s assistant editor, said: “Alongside our comprehensive news and analysis from the US elections, we’re adding two of
the best practitioners of a new kind of political commentary. Reynolds and
Moulitsas should give our readers a unique perspective on the Presidential
election, through passionate, well-informed, American eyes.”

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  2. By h gurley posted on October 20, 2004 at 11:48 am
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    The Guardian is anti Republican because the Republicans stopped Great Britain’s lucretive slave trade to America and stopped the Kerry Democrats from buying your Africans. This intervention by the Republicans stopped your supply of cotton which caused your economy to revert to socialism/communism. American Southerners realize how the Brits with their Democratic Party slavers had to be rejected to save America. Do you all have yellow teeth? Really!

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