Feedster Powers RSS and Blog Search Results for Eurekster

Press release> Feedster, Inc., the first company to utilize RSS feeds and weblog content to enhance broad web search, today announced that it will power RSS and blog search results for Eurekster, the first and only Internet search engine powered by social networking technology. By integrating Feedster’s news search technology and RSS feeds, Eurekster now provides its users and subscribers with an expanded search solution containing new sources of information and data beyond traditional Web search.
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Journalism in the Age of Blogs

more on the 60 minutes scandal, but in a more thoughtful and insightful manner
Poynter online> Turbulence in the blogosphere will continue to affect mainstream journalism for the foreseeable future. Wind and rain, harsh criticism and second-guessing will remain part of the weather system influencing newsrooms throughout the country.
Get used to it.
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Parker: ‘Rathergate’ illustrates the promise of blogs

Salt Lake Tribune> The CBS mess variously known as ”Forgerygate” or ”Rathergate” is by any other name a seminal moment in the blogosphere that holds promise not only for revolutionizing journalism, but also perhaps for problem-solving on a global scale.
And why not?
Still in relative infancy, the blogosphere – that new galaxy within the journalism universe wherein citizen journalists known as bloggers (short for keepers of Web logs) chat among themselves through mutual links and commentary – has defined itself in large part as a vehicle for challenging the mainstream media (MSM). read more>

Bloggers Find Clicks Don’t Mean Cash

Forbes/ AP> Bloggers at this summer’s political conventions brought heightened visibility to blogging, but the money, for most bloggers, is still missing. If you think those Web journals of opinions and obsessions are a way to get rich, consider Jeff Soyer, a self-described “gay gun nut” in Vermont. Soyer, who runs the journal Alphecca.com, pleaded for donations last month alongside an image of a tip jar topped by gun-toting cartoon character Yosemite Sam. “Ten bucks buys a box of bullets or feeds my cats for a week,” he wrote on the blog.
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Yahoo! starting hiring for Blogging service

Weblogsinc’s unofficialyahooweblog is run a post that Yahoo! is advertising for a “Presentation-Layer Web Developer for Yahoo! Communities (Blogs)”. The company has long been rumoured to be entering the blogging market, and currently has a blogging platform operating in the Korean marketplace.

New century finds a new journalism

Looks like the CBS-Bush fake memos scandal may go some way of redeeming blogging in the pages of serious journalism, not that many will attribute it in the mainstream media: but snaps to Grand Forks Herald
Grand Forks Herald> If you’re a media buff – and who isn’t, in America in 2004? – then circle Thursday, Sept. 9, on your mental calendar. Because that’s the day weblogs came into their own. And politics and journalism never will be the same. What happened Thursday is that webloggers or “bloggers” latched on to a controversial “60 Minutes”/CBS News story – and then worked the thing, with a stubbornness and tenacity that would have done credit to a pack of bulldogs or a turn of snapping turtles – or, yes, an army of investigative reporters. read more>

BellStream Releases Blogia for Mobile Blogging

Press release> BellStream Ltd. announced release of the Blogia product at the DEMOmobile event held at La Jolla, California and the IBC 2004 conference in Amsterdam, Netherlands. BellStream was selected out of hundreds of companies to launch the newest technology at DEMOmobile 2004. This event has a stellar reputation for identifying the best of what’s next in a wireless world.
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Bloggers drive hoax probe into Bush memos

ZDNet> Forget the political conventions. When history books are written, bloggers’ real contribution to the 2004 election may well turn out to be in providing leagues of amateur sleuths to fact-check political controversy.

For the last 24 hours, the Internet has been abuzz with bloggers’ claims that the memos about President Bush’s time in the National Air Guard publicized by CBS were actually a hoax. Keepers of online journals around the country have been analyzing the memos in excruciating detail, comparing the notes’ typography to the technical specifications of early 1970s typewriters. read more>

Nokia and Six Apart Announce Mobile Web Logging for Content Sharing

Media Release> Nokia and Six Apart today announced that they are collaborating to create a powerful blogging experience for people who want to share their lives online as they happen. Mobile web logging is one of the most dynamic areas in content sharing today, making people able to publish content on the World Wide Web using their handsets. TypePad’s enhanced set of media features have been designed by Six Apart and Nokia to enable blogging both with mobile phone and PC. Blogging provides the rapidly increasing number of camera phone users a new way of benefiting from their mobile phone.
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