Judith Meskill joins Weblogs Inc.

Clickz News is reporting that Blog publishing network Weblogs Inc. has hired an editorial director and a vice president of sales and marketing.

The new editorial director, Judith Meskill, has previously worked as a consultant on technology and communications strategies. She also runs two blogs on online collaboration and social media, Judith Meskill’s knowledge notes and the Social Software Weblog.

Shawn Gold, who was formerly president and chief strategic officer of eUniverse, will join Weblogs Inc. as vice president of sales and marketing. He also previously worked as VP of marketing at WHN and spent two years as Rare Medium’s head of strategic planning.

Weblogs Inc. is the publisher of more than 50 blogs, including Engadget.com, Autoblog.com, Joystiq.com, BloggingBaby.com and Mark Cuban’s BlogMaverick.com.

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