Blogging for Jesus

Godblogs come a knocking….
Christianity Today> Baptist pastor Gordon Atkinson wanted a place to pen his musings without worrying about what anyone thought. He found the perfect venue in a weblog he created anonymously at read more>

The Future of Blogs and the Blogosphere Pt 2

Part 2 of Glenn Harlan Reynolds interesting analysis of the blogosphere
TCS> “…Over the next few years, blogs will grow both more and less significant. They’ll grow more significant because more people will be reading them, and — at least as important — more people will be writing them…”
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‘Wash. Post’ Site Names Best Political Blogs

Editor & Publisher> today announced the winners in its Best Blogs Politics and Elections Readers’ Choice Awards competition, and National Review Online’s “The Corner” was the big winner, nabbing top honors in four of 10 categories. read more>

Honesty often missing from blogs

I don’t like the title of this article, as honesty in terms of blogs is subjective, and that’s the wonder of the blogosphere, it caters to many perspectives of the truth. This post is primarily about “journals” as opposed to blogs, but there is a broader application.
dnonline>In the present state of the country, there are few things that aren’t on the Internet. One can post just about anything, even their personal thoughts through blogs and journals. There are sites such as that allow users to sign up for free and post their thoughts on the Internet. I have been using for about three years mostly in secret, and most of my posts are in the private sector of the site where only I can access them. read more>

Mystery L.A. City Hall Blogger Pulls Plug on Must-Read Website

A big story in California about a blogger who has made a real impact at a local, or in this case, a state level. This is the new niche bloggers.
KTLA5> Gossip about the mayor and council members. Top 10 lists of the “hottest” men and women in City Hall. A blistering missive from an irritated councilman. And, amid the froth, the occasional in-depth discussion of municipal issues. In less than two months, the mysterious “4th Floor Blog” became a must-read among the ambitious, well-dressed folks who prowl the fourth floor of City Hall setting policy for Los Angeles and worrying about their place in its power structure. read more>

Not Nick Nolte’s Diary

Yet another hoax….
E!Online> So, in between Jamba Juices and bird-cage cleanings, Nick Nolte has been digging the David Bowie tune “Cat People” and wondering: Is Bowie “talking about cat people in the sense of some sort of society of cat mutations or…[about] humans who happen to be like cats?” These musings from the Oscar-nominated star’s ostensible online log–ostensible being the key word. read more>

Mazda launches phoney blog in viral marketing attempt

Adrants is reporting that Mazda has launched a phoney blog in an attempt at creating a viral marketing campaign based around an alleged video recorded from Public Access Television. The blog, hosted at Blogspot comes with phoney user profile at posts as well. Whilst many may argue it’s a cynical ploy at marketing, it must be working: we’re linking to it as well!

BlogFlix Delivers New Technology for Video and Photo Blogs

Press release> Transvector releases BlogFlix, an online service that creates and delivers videos for blog entries. BlogFlix users can convert their online photo galleries into movies, displaying them along with regular digital video clips within a small frame in a blog. Running in the Flash player found in 95% of browsers worldwide, BlogFlix movies are fully compatible with the most popular blog software hosts.
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The Blogosphere Grows Up

Glenn Harlan Reynolds takes an indepth look at the rapid growth, and more importantly, the maturing of the blogosphere in the first of a two part series
TCS> We’ve come a long way, baby. Blogs have gone from barely-understood phenomenon to near-commonplace in this election cycle, and it looks as if they may be having some impact on the results. They’ve even gone commercial, with services such as blogads making it possible for successful bloggers to earn a living that compares with what many journalists earn — and making it possible for far more bloggers to justify their activity to themselves, or their spouses, as a hobby that at least makes money instead of costing money. read more>

Blogs push news sites to open up

A tale of how bloggers are forcing closed corporate sites to open up their content again.
CBD Marketwatch> Dow Jones plans to offer free access to its online edition of the Wall Street Journal next month. The entire site will be available for five days starting Nov. 8, according to a report published by the Online Journalism Review. Lifting the gates on the subscription site is a “nod to the ‘news conversation’ online,” Mark Glaser wrote. His article also included comments from executives at other news sites, including those of the BBC, CNet Networks and the New York Times. Many of them addressed the influence Web logs have had in pointing readers to many and varied news resources on the Internet, fueling the “conversation.” read more>