Blog may affect retrial of ex-Carson student

DailyBreeze> A UCLA student who accused three Carson High School football players of raping her in her dorm room wrote messages on a Web site expressing her desires for black men, their bodies and “jungle fever,” evidence that potentially could be used to bolster the defense’s claim that the sexual encounter was consensual. read more>

Audi sole sponsor for car blog

Newsobserver> McKinney & Silver, the No. 1 ad agency in the Triangle, is leading one of its biggest clients into uncharted territory in cyberspace. The U.S. unit of the German car maker Audi, at McKinney’s urging, has become the exclusive sponsor of a Weblog for car enthusiasts, called Jalopnik. “We’re spending not a lot of money and creating an inordinate amount of buzz,” said Doug Holroyd of the Durham-based ad agency. read more>

The Marketing Power of Blogs> As recently as a few years ago, few corporate executives were big fans of blogs. The personal Web pages gave a free and open voice to customers and ex-employees — too often, irate customers and disgruntled ex-employees. In some cases, corporations went to court to try to get business-bashing bloggers to cease and desist. read more>

Sensory Media launches Gawker for the UAE

Press release> Some thought Gawker had a monopoly on salaciously delicious gossip and hot new happenings, that is until Hauteur Pill a hot little gossip Web magazine, or blog, focusing on the UAE, was launched. People looking for a hot little dish that the American media won’t dare broadcast or publish now have a place where they can find it. Hundred Acres would not have posted this “juicy little item,” says writer and publisher John Mudd, but real estate’s all about dirt and has plenty of it to scoop, he says. Find out more at Hundred Acres , another Sensory Media creation that focuses on the real estate industry.
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Gossip blog foams over with ‘news’

JSOnline> If his newest blog has even a drop of the popularity of its subject matter, former Milwaukeean Jim Romenesko will be a Venti-sized success.With an extra shot, perhaps. You will not see a goddess in a circle of green at Starbucks Gossip, a Web site devoted to dishing about “America’s favorite drug dealer” read more>

Blogs enter mainstream, eye revenue streams

Another article on Calacanis and Denton with some speculation on profit as well.
NY Business> “…. Shedding their outsider status, blogs are not only entering the political and cultural mainstream, but they are also looking to become moneymaking media businesses. Two of the most aggressive companies, Manhattan-based Weblogs Inc. and Gawker Media, are intent on building profitable, advertising-supported blog networks….” read full article>

Before applying, check out the blogs

CNet> Gary Feldman was vice president of strategic planning at 141 Worldwide, a Manhattan marketing and advertising agency, when he received an e-mail message last spring from listing opportunities that might be of interest to him. Although he rarely gave such notices a second glance, he said, a position as director in the New York office of the marketing research and consulting firm Cheskin caught his eye. He followed a link to the company’s Web log, or blog, and read the job description. read more>

Government warns Malaysian blogger over comments

The Star Online is reporting a Berita Minggu story that the Malaysian Deputy Minister for Interior Security Datuk Noh Omar has spoken out against an unamed blogger in relation to comments on a Malaysion blog in relation to Islam.

The same article quotes the ruling party Umno’s Youth deputy chief Khairy Jamaluddin as saying that the blog owner should take responsibility even though he had not posted the derogatory remarks and should apologise.