Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards are back

christmas blogging awards logo
Another year has passed and it’s just shy of a month till Christmas and following a post on ATtheHEARTofIT about the first Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards I’ve amazingly been touched by Christmas spirit once again and the Blog Herald Christmas Blogging Awards are back for a second run in a counter to the “me-tooism” of other blogging awards.

The awards aim to spread cheer in the Blogosphere by encouraging blogs to join in the spirit of Christmas

If you’d like to sponsor the awards with a free gift or money to the winners please let me know. Nominations open now and close 23 December 2004 with the winner announced Christmas Eve.

Nominations can be lodged via the comments on each category. Whilst an real email address is not required, there will be a delay in listing your nomination as manual moderation is required. Including your real email address assures quick nomination.

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